Capital One’s Brewery Commercial

So a blog visitor asked me about this commercial for the Capital One Spark Card…whether the brewery was real, and if the attractive woman in the ad runs it. The answer to both is no. The South Avenue Brewery was created for the spot, and the woman is Tiffany Dupont, an actress.

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15 Responses to Capital One’s Brewery Commercial

  1. jacob faulkner says:

    Most everything on tv is fake! Do not believe that? Just look at CNN Channal 9 news and msnbc

    nbc and all anti trump media. Do not believe the hype, Use common since and belieave in your Commander and Chief

  2. Jeremy says:

    Good. I questioned the authentesity of the commercial as well.
    Im glad to find a blog where someone thought the same thing.
    We should question everything coporate America drills i to our skulls; the ever subtle need to measure up to commercial idealism.
    Keep reality in sight. A woman can start a brewery, but mot likely, and to be a passioned drinker and have such smooth barbie doll skin, and rich at 25. What the hell habe I done with my life??? Better get Capitol One.
    Lets exemplify real ideals in our society. How about a mo ie or commercial with average to ugly people playing realistic rolls; a spit in the face to coporate- live up to perceived standard mentality!
    Good for you blogger. Question the crap!!!

    • Bill says:

      She’s actually 36 per Wikipedia. is that more believable?

      If you want unbelievable commercials, look at any of the Chase commercials. Or how about the Optimum (cable TV) commercial where the hotel maid (on duty) shoots a photo of the soccer player locked out of his room in his underwear, it goes viral, he laughs about it and she doesn’t get fired.

  3. Kris says:

    This is devastating news.

  4. Mike says:

    Fox News is not fake? If you really believe fox is a credible truth based news source you need to think again. Cnn does a poor job but Fox News is In the same camp on the other end of the spectrum.

  5. Dave says:

    What’s aggravating about that commercial is that they never show her below the waist, and you KNOW she’s got to have a tight pair of jeans on with a smoking hot ass.
    They need to show her below the waist.

  6. james a duncan says:

    were the shirt come from i love it

  7. Ms. Gallaway says:

    U phonies! That little actress would have had to start pursuing her passion when she was10 years old. Who did her taste testing? Ps your rewards are worth a dime. Can’t anyboy stand up and make money by selling the truth? SAD

  8. Barton K Craver says:

    One more reason that I would never use capital one. If they can’t spotlight one business that actually exists and uses their product, then screw them, lol.

  9. tclucas70 says:

    I know that the Vista Print commercials they actually use real businesses. I hav looked them up and there is one that is near me. They really should use ACTUAL businesses because it adds credibility and would give those businesses extra, well, business.

  10. Tom says:

    Total BS that Capital One makes up a fictitious brewery and owner, let alone a very attractive gal.

  11. Tony R. says:

    It sure looks like the products from the Chatham Brewery in Chatham, NY. It looks very much like their logo. I know, I go there often.

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