DirecTV Says People Who Like Cable Also Like Banging Their Head On A Low Ceiling

Though if we’re being nitpicky, the guy bangs his head on a beam, not the actual ceiling. Anyway, DirecTV is back with a funny new commercial created by Grey about the unfortunate nature of cable. People who still like cable also are fans of drinking spoiled milk, camping in poison ivy, getting paper cuts, and having their arm trapped in a vending machine. It was also amusing to watch this one during Sunday football when it would immediately be followed by an ad about how cable is better than DirecTV.

Bonus video: While we’re talking about humorous new DirecTV ads, here’s one featuring Peyton Manning as “The Commish” of his fantasy league.

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13 Responses to DirecTV Says People Who Like Cable Also Like Banging Their Head On A Low Ceiling

  1. Wberman says:

    This is one of the most patently racist commercials I’ve ever seen. The beautiful black propevatr intelligently watching direct TV while the ugly, stupid white people are maiming themselves and enjoying it. What the heck??

  2. Amy says:

    Completely offended by this “commercial.” It’s NOT OK to make fun of any group of people, even if they’re white, which seems to be a popular target. Poor advertising and lack of creativity… Seriously, up your game.

  3. Eric Erickson says:

    Who is the actress drinking the spoiled milk in the new direct TV commercial..💛💚💜💙💛💚💜💙…my Instagram is Eric Erickson 4953

  4. Sickofit. says:

    White people dumb…
    Black people smart….,
    Got it.

  5. Lamont Jones says:

    But its ok, when they show blacks who have their own show, and they have them acting stupid. Yet, when they use white people its wrong really. Bottom line it’s just a commercial, that says if you like cable your glutton for punishment.

  6. Nina says:

    What’s up with you sensitive wimps trying to inject race into everything? The commercial just sucks. Oh and if it’ll make you whiny little idiots feel better the latest commercial features someone black doing something stupid.

    Dang you guys must have miserable lives, LOL!!

  7. Becky Malm says:

    This commercial bothered me the first time I saw it. I just saw the ad again and realized what it is that I don’t like. I’m assuming the desired goal is to convince cable users to switch to Direct TV. Question: Why would a cable subscriber switch to Direct TV after being portrayed as stupid by the company who wants their business? I personally find the ad insulting to my intelligence and to my ability to choose what best serves my needs.

  8. BAB says:

    Real smart commercial…insult your potential customers! Why would I want to give Direct TV my business after being told how stupid I am. And the commercial isn’t funny….it’s desperate!

  9. The Light says:

    Every person who left a remark here is clearly a cable customer. The commercials are a play on how awful cable service is, and compares it to other terrible things. If you are looking for more meaning than that, then you have too much free time on your hands. Laugh at the funny commercial and keep being ripped off by crappy cable provider.

  10. CRK says:

    I reach for the remote every time one of these commercials come on to either change the channel or just to hit mute so I don’t have to hear it. Very insulting commercials. Can’t believe anyone there thought these would be funny. And while I’m at it, I don’t like the new Verizon guy, or the Sprint guy. Turn channel or mute those, too. Actually, I prefer to just DVR things and skip through the commercials, period.

  11. James Prickett says:

    Direct TV sucks just like their services does. I would choose cable over their service any day. They have terrible customer service and don’t know how to take care of their customers. If you have a work order and an appointment set but someone wants to add service or upgrade their service then your appointment gets pushed back. They pretty much say that existing customers ain’t as important as new customers.

  12. Mrs. Ives says:

    These are the most stupid commercials I’ve ever seen. Why are they spending millions running these so much, I would rather have them lower my bill. If I would switch to another carrier, it would be because of these commercials.

  13. Mike K says:

    No other commercial has ever turned me off more than the DirectTv commercials featuring ignorant people drinking spoiled milk, banging heads, walking into glass walls,, etc. I would NEVER buy Direct Tv -from a company that would waste money on such ignorant crap and think that these commercials would somehow inspire cable customers to switch. Really poor judgement by DTV’s management to air these insulting commercials – what other poor decisions will your current and future customers have to deal with? All I know is that I will never have to find out

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