These Hyundai Sonata Drivers Belt Out “Sweet Caroline” During A Traffic Jam

Getting stuck in traffic sucks. But it helps if you have some good music to get through it. In this new Hyundai Sonata spot, a man (played by Brian Maillard) puts his pipes to use with a rousing rendition of Neil Diamond’s super-singable classic “Sweet Caroline.” It’s so infectious that he gets a female Sonata driver (played by Edi Patterson…thanks to a commenter for that info) right next to him to join in for a duet. Aww.

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79 Responses to These Hyundai Sonata Drivers Belt Out “Sweet Caroline” During A Traffic Jam

  1. Grant says:

    Any idea who the female actress is? She looks familiar to me….

  2. Wesley says:

    That commercial makes me mute the volume or change channels. So annoying.

    • Denise plested says:

      Now isn’t that strange? I love it! And I am so easily annoyed by ads!!!

    • sswiwss says:

      I dislike these people so much. I am of their demographic but if I heard and saw them I would be scowling just like the blue collar people this ad looks down on. His dentures, his face, his self-proud unjustifiably high self-esteem bellowing, her weird twisted sneer and yelling in a growling macho voice, It just is grotesque.

      • yankeehank says:

        Could not have said it better! Woman was okay, but poor casting for the guy.

      • I feel EXACTLY the same, but with the additional feeling of wanting to know why white people are ALWAYS depicted as milk toast, square, awkward idiots by Madison Ave.
        Granted, there are a lot of us who are awkward & square, but wtf? not to THAT degree!
        If I saw these two people in that traffic jam I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from glaring them down or just telling them to shut the fuck up.
        Whew, I feel so much better!
        i’ve been watching a series on A&E and the commercial plays endlessly.

    • C. Ross says:

      I too nut the commercial! I had to YouTube the original song to regain my admiration for the song. They sound like dogs howling at the 🌙! Does nothing for Hyundai Sonata.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Best ad on television

  4. David Rozian says:

    A little something I shared on the Hyundai FB page:

    For the love of God and all things holy…. KILL YOUR “SWEET CAROLINE” AD!! Bad enough Neil Diamond is an insipid lyricist with an unremarkable voice, and that this song may have been a pedophile’s paean to a 9-year-old Caroline Kennedy, but I’ve heard this commercial about TEN TIMES an hour during The Late Show for the last two weeks! I don’t care about how sleek and stylish your sedan is! Pick more contemporary music, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop this commercial from ever airing again!!

    • R says:

      Thank you angel of mercy

      • DK says:

        Here here. I can’t explain it, but the off-key, blantant disregard in which the male actor sings it annoys the SHIT out of me!!! The girl doesn’t annoy me as much because her reaction is somewhat normal. Her bodily reaction is of spontaneous fun. He’s doesn’t break from his role at all and continues to just sing it. It’s annoying that he doesn’t know that he should feel SEVERELY embarrassed for singing that song that way. He sounds terrible, perhaps it’s the cluelessness. Like I want to choke him when he sings. I would’ve accepted the commercial a LOT better if at the end when they do the whole “so good… so good” part, if he broke up into laughter knowing that his singing sucks and that he looks like a fucking idiot. But he just continues on like he’s the fucking Weeknd or John Legend or some shit, in some sort of blatant disregard for the whole point, which should be a joke. Like he fucking looks a dude on America’s Got Talent that Simon should fucking say some extremely mean shit to and he should never ever try to sing ever again.

        I can’t put an exact finger on why I HATE this commercial so much. I know it’s the guy, like if I saw him in real life, I might spit on his face. I know he was just trying to do a job as an actor and get paid to do a commercial but seriously, I feel HATE, not just annoyance for him when I see that commercial. I fucking hate feeling this way too, but I can’t help it!

    • Bob says:

      Amen! He wrote this song when he was having pedophile thoughts for Caroline Kennedy as a child and what makes it worse is this asinine tendency of everybody in a bar when some typical miserable classic rock cover band plays this song and everybody has to sing in a drunken stupor “so good… So good… So good…” What a joke!

    • dennis snyder says:

      Neil was great and the commercial is too the gal is hot!!! you’re an idiot

  5. Rick Daniels says:

    This commercial makes me nauseous. Fuck that idiot tryin to be Neil

  6. Nancy E Williams says:

    I wanted to know name of the woman in this ad. She looks a lot like Tom Hank’s wife.

  7. jmartin says:

    i can’t STAND this commercial, when it comes on, i change the channel. You hear this rendition at every frickin wedding, and it gets soooo OLD!!!


  8. lilee says:

    So not original…they copied this from an episode of Big Bang Theory….Amy and Walowitz

    • Lilee says:

      Also, it was awesome and funny in BBT…not so much in this ad…in fact, NOT ALL! Intensely annoying!

      • Gina says:

        Exactly what I said when I saw it. Loved it on BBT I watch Crackle and this seems to be it’s most popular commercial. I HATE IT!!!!!

  9. Bev says:

    Does anyone know what city this commercial was filmed in?

  10. Shawn Dunn says:

    Worst ad ever, makes me change the channel everytime!

  11. JDonovan says:

    I think the biggest problem in this commercial is that it makes Hyundai drivers look bad. Drive a Hyundai and have everyone else on the road look at you like you are an singing moron.

    • sswiwss says:

      Furthermore it’s trying to make the 3 working class people look like un-fun, judgmental, grumpy tools, and the preening, his-mother-instilled-him-with-way-too-much-self-esteem loser and the contorted face man-voiced woman yellers as the “cool” ones.

  12. Alex George says:

    The stupid anti ad remarks tell a lot about America…it is an ad…get over yourself…Sweet Caroline and Neidl Diamond are bigger than you and your petty remarks ever will be…you don’t matter…turn the ad off, but you are clearly in the minority. To me…it looks like Kansas City, MO

  13. Denise plested says:

    Why so much hate and bad language? It’s only an ad, guys!

  14. K says:

    Please make it stop! How many times a day do they have to sannoying.I have to mute it because it’s pretty annoying.

  15. W M says:

    I need this ringtone!

  16. Neil Dannels says:

    And sometimes commercials are the worst part of tv viewing. Exibit a:
    Hyanni’s Butchering of the Neil Diamond song. Very annoying

  17. Robert Perry says:

    Edi Patterson is great in this commercial. The guy is good too but Edi makes the commercial. Does Edi do anything else besides commercials?

  18. Dorrie says:

    I just hate that commercial. It doesn’t make me want to buy that car. It makes me want to turn off the volume on my television.

  19. Sandy says:

    Commercial gets on my nerves too much every hour on the hour enough

    • Ed Roidlick says:

      You’re probably watching way too much tv. Put down the bon bons and get that huge cottage cheese rear outside.

  20. David says:

    Extra points for even remembering what they are trying to sell. A car? I had no idea.

  21. Michael says:

    Of all the loud, irritating, bad taste automobile selling commercials, several are especially offensive in content. This loud Hyundai Sonata sickening piece of low-class garbage would only appeal to brainless idiots.

  22. What annoys me is that he appears to be singing “Sweet Hairoline” not Caroline. It doesn’t some like a hard “C” sound and his mouth doesn’t appear to be forming the correct letter. I think it is distracting.

  23. Ed Roidlick says:

    Anybody that loudly and obnoxiously sings out the windows of their car so that unknown strangers driving nearby can hear should be the victim of a large bazooka blast to the noggin in a perfect world.

  24. SeanMurphey says:

    This song/commercial is cancer and the way these morons start belting it out obnoxiously is awful. I’d like to tie down the person who made it and force them to watch it for 16 hours in a row. Fuck this commercial, fuck this song and shoot yourself if you “love” it. You’re cancer.

  25. Kill it says:

    stop showing this horrible commercial!!

  26. I love all Neil Diamond songs. He wrote many three chord songs for other folks. The Monkees come to mind.
    This song always makes me smile…the commercial makes my heart feel good.

  27. louiseagle says:

    One of the few commercials I look forward and don’t mute. Delightful!

  28. American classic- Korean made shitstain.

  29. Fuck says:

    Please stop

  30. Fuck says:

    Please stop,please please fuck in stop

  31. Jay Fielder says:

    I can’t stand hearing that damn song anymore. I flip the channel or turn it off. It sucks

  32. Elaine says:

    Love this ad. Must have been shot in CA. I see Ca plates & GPS refers to “CA 1 (route 1) N.

  33. 2018Sonata says:

    I think the music, the actors and the car all are horrible. What demographic does this ad target.

  34. Ken says:

    This commercial is so white, it’s embarrassing.

  35. Carolyn says:

    It was funny when they did this on “The Big Bang Theory”. Then I see this commercial I forget the product but remember the show.

    • Flamingpie67 says:

      Yes that’s what I thought too! Seeing Amy and Howard connect was awesome…and even tho this isn’t my favorite song…I am singing it all day now!

  36. Doug Pascucci says:

    Anyone know who the guy in the van is? I said Happy Gilmore caddy.

  37. Bill Burch says:

    The BEST commercial on TV!!!

  38. Bert says:

    I’d’ve sworn it is Claudia O’Doherty who was in a show called “Love” with Gillian Jacobs.

  39. Steve Lederman says:

    Is anyone else sick and tired of this commercial yet?

  40. Crap commercial says:

    If this would’ve been in Texas, these two would’ve had the shit beat out of them. Annoying fucks.

  41. Flamingpie67 says:

    Although this isn’t my favorite song in the whole world…I end up singing it and feeling great afterwards! I am so glad they used this song…when the world was a nicer place…

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