T-Mobile Shows A Babysitter Who Charges Extra Fees

I chuckled at this T-Mobile spot. She’s perhaps not the most responsible babysitter. She charged $30, but the total was $50 after the fees. There’s a pizza ordering fee…we see the son asleep on a pizza box with half-eaten pizza. Then the dog sitting fee, with the daughter giving the dog a not so flattering cut. Finally the rummage through the closet fee, where the babysitter wears the woman’s high heels and snarkily declares “we’re the same size…in shoes.” I mean who is she, Verizon? Haha. The babysitter is Casimere Jollette, and the wife is Heather Simpson.

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18 Responses to T-Mobile Shows A Babysitter Who Charges Extra Fees

  1. cj picknpaw says:

    I think this commercial is hilarious. The first time I saw it, I had to back up the DVR, because I wasn’t paying close attention to the TV and it moves quick and it’s over. The actress (sitter) plays the part well. Self assured, matter of fact, Deserving?. The couple coming home from their night out are great too. I too am tired of gotcha costs and fees regardless of the product or service.

    I am amused each time it airs.

  2. Solomon Ulibarr says:

    Simply loved it,Lmao! Kid is great!

  3. The babysitter is such a good actress that I found my self mad at her, because of the story here. I wish the theme was a little different. It ruined it for me when she said she rummaged threw a closet like it was okay and charged a fee and took the owners sandals. You see that’s not funny. I had a babysitter who went through my closets and stole items and molested my two sons. I’m sorry you should never joke or think its okay to portray teenagers in such a negative way. Alot of teenagers are stricken with attitude and think they are entitled to do as they please. Please don’t make thievery okay in your commercials. Its not funny.

    • Baba Yaga says:

      Holy Sweet First World Problems! A) WHY would you share all that HERE? B) The point of the commercial is that it’s NOT okay. C) Get out and live; quit living the victimized drama life.

      • Amosina says:

        Thank you!! They seemed to have missed the point that IT is a Bad behavior. Hence the commercial to slam Verizon. And you are correct this is NOT the place for detailed sharing. Although, I do hope she got her family counseling for that incident.

    • yartsa says:

      I agree. I found the ad nasty. Another bratty teenager going beyond the bounds. Invading a customer’s closet is NOT okay. Nor is it amusing. T-Mobile should take a hint from Geico. Clever whimsical ads which stick in the mind.

  4. HarmonHome says:

    I’m STILL trying to find shoes like these. Anybody have a link???

  5. Connie Pace says:

    Where can I buy those shoes?!!!!

  6. Kate says:

    I love that cormercial#

  7. Rob says:

    This is a great spot. The young lady acts a great part as the babysitter. The kids really like there new babysitter and so do I.

  8. KTG says:

    Casimere Jollette IS star material….if she doesn’t get infected by the dirty water she is wading in..

  9. andrea rouah says:

    Really unethical babysitter commercial. Inindating the airwaves with an unprincipled babysitter . Turn off for T-Mobile.

  10. Lhchavis says:

    Hilariously funny

  11. Amosina says:

    I am still looking for those shoes!

  12. Hal says:

    The kid in the pizza box, I have seen him before. Does anyone else recollect what else he was on?

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