“We Can Do IT”…This Single Mother And Former Factory Worker Gets A University Of Phoenix IT Degree

The University of Phoenix has a new stop-motion animated commercial that plays out a realistic scenario in modern America. It depicts a single mother working in a factory to support her three children. But automation then comes to the factory, and she’s out of a job. Depressed and up at night, her son gives her his stuffed bunny and a hug to cheer her up. She glances at the iconic “We Can Do It” poster that hung at her former job (the poster wasn’t actually Rosie the Riveter but it’s commonly referred to as…it’s complicated), and decides to make a change. She goes for an online bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. Long days and late nights of studying happen…but she gets her degree. At her new workplace, she’s got the poster up, but crosses out the “It” with “IT.” Clever and heartwarming. The song, which took me a minute to place, is a cover of “Dreams” by The Cranberries (here’s the full version of the cover.) The University of Phoenix might have a spotty reputation, but they do make a nice commercial here. Here’s more about it from Adweek.

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11 Responses to “We Can Do IT”…This Single Mother And Former Factory Worker Gets A University Of Phoenix IT Degree

  1. N.E. Mikloiche says:

    Do you happen to have any idea who the artist is that is covering ‘Dreams’ in the ad? The softer vocalist and slowed tempo made for quite a beautiful remake of this 90s anthem.

  2. Michael says:

    Just for fun, here’s my other favorite, ad-based jingle (song), for the summer… Can you tell me the commercial (company)..? 🤔

  3. Neurose says:

    Should’ve used original version, this sounds like the singer is sedated. Don’t be cheap: pay for the song as it was intended. YUCK.

  4. Salley Jones says:

    So beautiful ♡ My husband brought it to my attention. We’ve listened to it several times.

  5. Laura LOCUS says:

    Who is the singer on this commercial, University of Phoenix, singing You Get What You Give?

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