Liquid-Plumr Shows Off Plumber’s Crack

Liquid-Plumr is a quite necessary, but not exciting product. It’s the kind of thing that you don’t probably don’t think about unless you’re having problems with your drain. So perhaps for that reason, Liquid-Plumr created a few commercials that had a lot of people talking. The new spot from FCB Chicago lacks the saucy sexual suggestiveness, but it’s still quite memorable. It’s literally a cheeky commercial, since the gag shows various people and their plumber’s cracks. “There’s a Plumr in all of us” is a weirdly empowering tagline. The song playing throughout the ad is Rosemary Clooney’s “Too Marvelous For Words.”


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86 Responses to Liquid-Plumr Shows Off Plumber’s Crack

  1. judy rettig says:

    You have turned me OFF liquid Plummer. What are you thinking? Do we not have any morals or modesty that we have to equate sex to everything? Totally unnecessary.
    I am done.

    • S. Scott-Richardson says:

      What does this have to do with sex? I think you’re the one with the problem equating everything to sex.

      • Carolyn says:

        judy is right. that was then this is now. Most plumbers today dress more appropriate. You have children watching TV. Why do you think we had to cover up once Adam & Eve ate that apple? It’s ridiculous!!

    • Lauralyn Martin says:

      This commercial is offensive. Further, it is insulting to plumbers. Is this really necessary to advertise a product?

      • Danny says:

        To reply to Carolyn, whoever said that the fruit in the Garden of Eden was an apple

    • Cathy Jackson says:

      I truly agree with you Judy, I seen it and didn’t find it amusing at all, and my 12 yr old son seen it also, this doesn’t make any sense

    • Cathy Jackson says:

      I seen the commercial and it was very distasteful also rude, and not to mention my 12yr son also seen it, this is what the commercials are showing to children now!

    • LaDonna Millard says:

      Good for you!!!

    • Karen L Steinhauer says:

      I agree with you. Is this what we want to model for our children, teens, etc? Really? I’m out of the Liquid plumber, but won’t be replacing it…I’ll buy another brand.

  2. Kathy McHenry says:

    Disgraceful! What are you thinking. I work with Elementary age children who watch TV!!! It’s like saying kids it’s ok for your butt to be exposed. Shame on whomever thought this was ok.

  3. Kim Robinson says:

    Not amused by this commercial!

  4. nycphillie says:

    The commercial is tacky! I was totally turned off by it. Anyway Professor Amos’ drain cleaner is the best and since seeing this tasteless commercial, I will continue to use another brand!

  5. Peaches Ross says:

    Very distasteful and disguisting. The worst commercial I have ever seen without seeing the whole ad. I hope it gets removed fast. I was very offended. I do not want children especially to think this is ok when it often happens by accident. That was very inappropriate you dummies.

  6. Linda Koshell says:

    This commercial is among the most distasteful I have ever seen. Inappropriate and offensive.

  7. Monique says:

    Very poor taste, just ridiculous.

  8. Jackson says:

    Whatever marketing company was selected by the management of Liquid-Plumr’s parent company and thought of this unintelligent idea should be fired. The company’s board of directors and management were ill-advised. The idea shows lack of intellectual imagination and the promoters of this ad show lack of character and quality. Unfortunately this is how I, along with all those in my sphere of influence and all of those in their sphere of influence view your product and will never purchase this product. Whatever cable station this ad is shown on, I will not watch the programming on that station. Think about how this unintelligent idea will affect your bottom line. I will also forward this message to Liquid-Plumr’s parent company.

  9. J. Brigman says:

    I think it’s disgusting commercial. The commercials to the extreme as much as we try to keep the young folks from sagging their pants they’re actually showing the ass on the TV.

  10. Lorinda says:

    I find this commercial horrible and disrespectful and offensive. I’m tired of the plumbers crack jokes and comments. My husband is a 30-year plumber and does not show his crack, never has, never will. To imply that all plumbers go around showing their cracks is mean and nasty and just so not cool. Liquid Plumber will never be purchased and used in my house, and I will spread the word to everyone I know how disrespectful this advertisement it.
    Very poor taste!!!!

    • Peggy esson says:

      Thank You!!! I certainly agree! This commercial needs to be removed immediately! Like yourself, I will never purchase liquid plumber!!! It is so disgusting especially if you have children!!! Continue to spread the word!!

    • LaDonna Millard says:

      Good for you!!! I agree completely!

  11. Jeanette Corley says:

    Over the top disgusting…totally unnecessary!

  12. Peggy esson says:

    This advertising is in such poor taste. It very embarrassing and proverted! This commercial have been approved for television!!!

  13. LaDonna Millard says:

    This commercial is completely inappropriate! I cannot believe that liquid plumber would stoop to this just sell their product to make more money! This commercial needs to be taken off the air! Isn’t it bad enough that we have to see Regular daytime shows saying curse words and showing sexual inappropriate scenes in the middle of the day such as KY jelly commercials and condom commercials?! Are you not selling your product enough? Do you think you have to stoop to showing peoples butt cracks to make a buck? Just stop!!!! Almost as bad enough as the M & M commercial showing the M & M guys in the refrigerated section of a convenient store and they talked about shrinkage! You don’t need to show people’s butt cracks to prove that your product works!

  14. miriam johnson says:

    I think this commercial should be banned from the TV It’s discusting to see. NOBODY wants to see the crack of anybody’s butts. And it’s shown where kids can see it. DISCUSTING.

  15. Kim matthews says:

    That does not want me to purchase your product. It is a form nudity.

  16. Janet Grozenski says:

    I think it’s appalling that they have to use sexual innuendos to sell a liquid plumber product. I will not buy this product that since they use have to use sexual innuendos to sell something that cleans drains. People need to grow up with these commercials and stop forgetting that kids and everybody see this too and think that you need to use sex to clean a drain. Society needs to stand up and why it putting up and giving in to commercials and advertising that insult the brains if people.
    I won’t buy this product in stoop so low to buy something that uses sex to cell everyday house products.

  17. Suzie says:

    Because of that commercial I will never buy liquid plumber nor will my friends !

  18. Trapamazing says:

    This commercial is disgusting it makes me want to gag ! Why would you corrupted white people who run the industry want to make something so distasteful!! This doesn’t make me want to buy PLUMBER!!!!!!

  19. Sandy says:

    Oh my gosh people, it is not sexual in the least little bit. And ladies, I am sure your 12 year old boys have seen alot worse. Lol.

  20. Kathy Brice says:

    Even though I get it nasty just like I use one of them young boys walk around y’all say their pants hanging young girls lowrider pants and thongs showing there crack nasty

  21. BC says:

    This commercial is a disgrace. I’ve worked so hard explaining to these young men why they need to keep their pants up, but you’ll come up with this commerical. I think you need to ditch it.

  22. Lisa Portis says:

    This commercial is disgusting. What does this commercial have to do with clogged drains. 😞😖😲😣Children are watching

  23. April Williams says:

    This commercial was offensive and inappropriate. I am a Christian and try to live according to the Word of God. someth are better ways to sell drain cleaner than this tasteless evil commercial. It is shame to expose this commercial to children who are already bombarded with all types of filth. It’s. Not ok to do something that is wrong just because you can.

  24. Benda Cooley says:

    This commercial is disgusting. I don’t care to see someone’s crack in person or on tv. It should be removed from all adds.

  25. Grace says:

    Every Time that commercial is on TV my nieces and nephews turn the channel. I finally tried to what the commercial and it is so disgusting, not funny and now I don’t buy your products. You need to get new creative minds working for you. Who ever said looking at someone’s but crack was genius. Not!!!!😠😠

  26. PAMELA WARD says:

    Very poor taste for a commercial. I found it offensive and unnecessary. I will not buy a product that deems this type of commercial as acceptable. Who in the heck approves these dumb ass commercials? ARE they just stoned and don’t realize what they are doing??

  27. Lisa says:

    Tacky bad taste no class commercial We turn our eyes away when we see the backside of a plumber who probably is unaware of inappropriate areas showing.Why would I want to have my family see it on tv. NOT FUNNY. What have we come to thinking that commercial is funny?

  28. Dale Col says:

    Discussing no more liquid Plummer for us!

  29. Mary Ann Woodbury says:

    Hate it. Lost a customer.

  30. Lisa Weaver says:

    This commercial is so fowl. Then we wonder why our kids think it’s okay to overly exposing their body parts are okay. It’s because of garbage like this.

  31. What is this world coming to there’s enough things we have to keep are kids from but public tv & commercials that have to use sex to sell there products

  32. Elizabeth De Aro says:

    Take this commercial off. It is ridiculous and disgusting.

  33. Cindy says:

    I think this is the greatest commercial ever. Love it and it’s sooo true! Keep up the good work.

    • Jack says:

      Glad I’m not the only is LMAO!! This is a great commercial! Where would the world be without laughter, why is everyone so serious and politically correct?

      • DEBI SHOCKLEY` says:


  34. Mary V Yadon says:

    This really isn’t a good commercial for young kids to see. It’s already bad enough guys like to walk around with her underwear showing. Now I’m going to have a bunch of butt crack showing because of this commercial

  35. BJ says:

    Good job liquid plumber! You have aloud your marketing department to offend your consumers and plummet your sales. We will keep up the good work by never purchasing your product.

  36. Sallysue says:

    I was watching a demo on the youtube page and up pops this commercial for liquid plumber with the but crack on a young girl. Never mind what she was doing. What the heck are they trying to prove ! It’s that “in your face” mentality in today’s viewing audience. In your face ! You can’t erase it. The damage is done. There’s no respect for people’s morals anymore. We see it and that’s it. We have to walk away in disgust ! Too late for an apology. It’s the non-thinking advertisers who make up the rules. No decency ! They must have grown up in house full of playboy magazines and other garbage. Typical trashy life style. What next….Men’s penises ? ? ? “Get real” people of the liquid plumber company you’re disgusting. It’s time to grow up and show some respect for the buying public. It’s our money that keeps you afloat. It looks like you’re sinking now. ! ! ! ! ! !

  37. Sallysue says:

    Why don’t they use a penis to unclog a toilet. Let’s all get sick minded. Liquid Plumber is leading the way. They must be real proud of themselves.

  38. Will t Washington says:

    Thank you for clearing this up.. The problem is when you have to work to get the message the message isn’t working. ☺️

  39. Brad Ryder says:

    This commercial cracks me up! (Pun intended.) Are people really so prudish? Or perhaps not understanding the reference to plumber’s butt? The Duluth Trading commercials do the same thing, although with a cartoon. They’re hilarious.

  40. Arly Johnson says:

    REALLY, Liquid Plumber owners?? You have to stoop to showing butt cracks to sell your product now? If you have a good product, you shouldn’t have to resort to this type of advertising. What is your marketing dept. smoking, or is it because you hire people (men) with the mentality to wear pants that hang half-way down their butts out in public so everyone can see their underwear, or men & women who are so lazy they wear their PJ’s instead of clothes to the store?

    This ad is the most disgusting & offensive one I’ve ever seen & its shown at all hrs. of the day so that children are viewing it. In case there are people who are not aware of it, Satan is alive & well & doing everything he can to influence & destroy the minds/morals of children as young as possible.

  41. D.Plummer-Gauthier says:

    This is the most absolutely immoral commercial I have seen yet!…What and How do we explain this to our kids/ grandkids?.. Does this make me want to buy Liquidplumber?..NO! WHAT

    • cj says:

      As the wife of a Master Plumber for 55 years I find this VERY offensive to the profession. My children are also upset to see their father protrayed this way.

  42. Linda says:

    I agree… This commercial is offensive! What are you teaching people? What are we implying? Why… Why did you clearly have some millennial write this commercial? I hate it !! How do you intend to make this correct?

  43. Tina Scozzari says:

    I hate that commercial it shouldn’t show that to our kids it is not the way to have it on TV like that please remove that commercial ASAP

  44. Arlisa says:

    It’s a horrible commercial….and the next time you all see a dude with their pants down and they underwear showing give them a high five and tell them you love their style of dressing

  45. Liz says:

    This is the WORST! What does that song have to do with clearing a drain or a plumber? I’ll be buying DRANO from now on. Fire that ad agency.

  46. I used to buy Liquid Plummer, now with that stupid commercial–I will use another product!
    That commercial is terrible and there is enough exposure of the human body on other channels.
    It is totally inappropriate and in very poor taste. Makes me wonder if the business is also crooked.

  47. SANDY says:

    This is a prime example of the dumbing down effect that has overtaken the media in America. Between this ad and the Mr Clean one, it’s a toss up on which one disgust me more.

  48. JoAnn says:

    Disgusting commercial! I’m so tired of seeing commercials that talk about butts, sexual dysfunction, and birth control. It’s all about money. Sex and money seems to be what it’s all about these days. They definitely should remove this commercial as well as some others.

  49. corinne moore says:

    DISGUSTING! will never use this product again!

  50. Wayne Ware says:

    Please tell me, on one of your latest TV Commercials of Liquid Plummer, what the hell does “butt cracks” have to do with Liquid Plummer?

  51. Lisa Stevenson says:

    It’s funny? Why, because it shows the ass crack of White people? Yep! That’s all I saw. But, why not, we have a crack-up in the White House! Also, we finally got to see a black woman in her underwear from the back. Not to mention, all the young men who sag their pants. Atleast they have underwear that covers their cracks. Lol

  52. AJ says:

    This commercial needs to be removed off of TV. There is no need to show such a thing as a butt crack. It is offensive.

  53. BD says:

    Offensive commerical ruins beautiful Rosemary Cooney song!

  54. Brenda Wilkinson says:

    This ad is repulsive. It needs to be taken off the air. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRODUCT!!!!

  55. Lee Scott says:

    I want to say since this STUPID COMMERCIAL YOU CAME OUT WITH showing several people’s Butt Cracks there will never be another day I will ever use Liquid Plummer!!!😡😡😡 Don’t we as parents. NOT have Enough moral issues to Try raise our children right without them being exposed to tv junk showing Adults with their baggy pants and butts exposed.Get real!! Any DECENT PLUMMER DOES NOT GO AROUND WITH HIS HIND END HANGING OUT!#!😡😡😡😡

  56. SmartAss says:

    Liquid lub

  57. MHouse says:

    This commercial is very distasteful and offensive and should be canceled off of the TV there is nothing funny about it and shouldn’t be allowed

  58. Tywanda Leonard says:

    Unbelievable really and you got kids watching this trash on TV we need to protest this trash asap.

  59. Kit Ferryman says:

    Totally taken a back when this commercial aired. I use Liquid Plumber. Indecent exposure! Really? As a woman, I WAS offended. WHY must a private body part area be shown, and be made fun of, to sell your product? It’s NOT amusing, just plain, DISGUSTING, that your company has elected to show this on television, which is seen by children and families that are NOT OKAY, with this type of advertising. I WILL NOT continue to buy your product.

  60. Kevin Weilacher says:

    It’s very obvious that all of you ridiculous politically correct people have not made one little dent in Liquid Plumr and their butt crack commercial. It’s now January 2018 and the commercial is still on the air after at least 6 or 7 months or longer. I doubt that they could care less about what you think about their commercial and that you “say” that you’ll never buy their products again.
    What a bunch of sheep you all are…

  61. Jim Smith says:

    Disgusting commercial for TV. will not be buying Liquid Plummer.

  62. James says:

    Liquid-Plumr Shows Off Plumber’s Crack Ad should band from ALL TV Stations. This is a disgrace to ALL FEMALES. The company responsible for this Ad can do a much better Ad. No one, especially a true female, want to look at any female’s crack. HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR FEMALES THAN YOU HAVE SHOWN!!!!

  63. F. Sellers says:

    So not humorous! Young impressionable girls are watching and wondering what is lady-like. Don’t think you will lose any business if you lose this comercial. Like the product; can’t support the comercial.

  64. D.B. Johnson says:

    I actually have an interesting question. Why is “plumber’s crack”, signified by the fact that the underwearless, and often unkempt butt crack is CLEARLY visible, often disregarded, laughed off or ignored, while “saggin” which does not expose the actual crack is seen as the scourge of society? Try to leave race out of your conclusion…try, lol.

    • Kevin Weilacher says:

      Only reasons I can think of right off hand is because other than this Liquid Plumr commercial, plumber’s crack is something that you would only reference in being subjected to it in the privacy of one’s own home and also it’s not something that could normally be unable to control when a plumber is bent over fixing your sink or toilet or whatever. A plumber is in the process of doing a job and fixing something in your house and I would bet that they don’t display plumber’s crack on purpose….. versus the saggy pants practically down to the knees with the underwear hanging out which is very evident to be seen in full public view and it’s supposed to be some kind of ” fashion statement”………No other reason for the saggy pants than that…..
      It’s supposed to “look cool” from what I gather…

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