Parents Aren’t Perfect In These Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ads

Nobody is perfect, and that includes parents. Even the best parents screw up sometimes. In these amusingly brief, slice of life spots from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Kraft Mac & Cheese spotlights some parenting foibles. There’s the overly enthusiastic (and obese) dad who jumps on a bounce house, deflating it and frightening a party of kids. There’s the hockey mom who’s cheering for…someone else’s kid. And the dad who swings his daughter so high that she disappears. Of course, everything is good again after they make the Blue Box for their kids. If only life was that simple.

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2 Responses to Parents Aren’t Perfect In These Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ads

  1. Joann Barton says:

    I was sent a video of a disgusting, vulgar, insulting of my sacred faith ad from a Kraft advertisement that is on a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheeze. The ad came from WND. At the end of the ad there was a really long blog of opinions of others who read the ad before me. I believe 100% of them expressed my own opinion exceptionally well. They, like me were insulted, disgusted, repelled, etc., etc.,etc. That there will be no Kraft products in their homes from this time on is a common theme. I haven’t been to my kitchen but when I do the 1st thing that I am going to do is to throw out any Kraft products. I forwarded the video to all my family & friends & friends, who have my values. I was at a party of relatives & I mentioned the ad to them & one of them took out, what looked like a cell phone, & looked the ad up & told about it without using the exact words that I had seen. A sewer rat loves the sewer & associates with other sewer rats. I associate with the exact opposite & you have lost a lot of customers from just one person who saw that disgusting, insulting ad.

  2. Marjorie Cowan says:

    My concern is the commercial where a little BLACK child is pushed off the swing by her well-meaning father. What bothers me is: since when has the media used the THREAT of HARM to children (even if innuendo) to sell their products? And so why, media are you STARTING this disgusting, abhorrent trend with black children?

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