This Commercial Sucks: Allergan’s “Eyepowerment” Is Not Empowering

There are commercials that start off pretty well, but then when they get to the advertising aspect (i.e. whatever they’re selling) will make you shout out “that’s bullshit!” This effort from Allergan entitled “Eyepowerment” fits the bill. It starts out with photographs of important women from history, including Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, and Frida Kahlo. The photos are accompanied by Kim Carnes’ lovely song “Bette Davis Eyes” (the version in this commercial is sung by Bae West). On screen it says, “Before we had our voice, we had our eyes.” OK. But then, there’s a sudden pivot. We find out it’s a commercial about chronic dry eye. What? A completely confused, misguided and frankly insulting attempt to link feminism to chronic dry eye. Leave it to a pharma company to screw this one up.


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5 Responses to This Commercial Sucks: Allergan’s “Eyepowerment” Is Not Empowering

  1. Sean says:

    Not Kim Carnes singing this version of Bette Davis Eyes in the commercial…

  2. Trysh says:

    Do men not get dry eyes?

  3. Laura Milagros says:

    3/26/2017 … Your commentary is the ONLY place on the net where I could find ANY info on some of the women featured in this commercial along with who does the cover version of Kim Karnes song. Of the 12 women featured, there are several women I DO NOT RECOGNIZE. Of those 12 I recognize the following: Grace Kelly, Frida Kahló, Rosa Parks, Emelia Erhart, ?_?, Lucy, ?_?, Bette Davis, LA CELIA CRUZ!!!, ?_?, ?_?, Maya Angelou. Could you at least identify ALL the women in this commercial? As Cuban/Puerto Rican Im SHOCKED they featured CELIA CRUZ. Thats what got me amped up over this ad. Most Anglo Americans, Afro-Americans & Asian Americans have no clue who she is. I must give props to Allergan for featuring someone so precious to our culture. Again, please take the time tom”ID” ALL the women in this ad. They at least deserve that. Not all of us recognize everyone. And NO ONE outside of Caribbean Hispanics will recognize Celia Cruz.

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