Ram Trucks Praises The Work And The Workers Who Do It

At first glance, this spot for Ram Trucks, aptly named “Praise”, just looks like a tribute to the oft-overlooked blue-collar workers of America…a group who just may have delivered an election win for Donald Trump. But look closer and it also references the worker with a green card, and the tired single mother. In any case, this is a well-written ad with evocative imagery. Nice work from The Richards Group.

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2 Responses to Ram Trucks Praises The Work And The Workers Who Do It

  1. peter nelson says:

    Included in it are stanzas such as . . .

    “Praise the time-card, the green card, the union card and the W.I.C. card.”

    … considering that the party just elected into power would like to eliminate at least 3 of those 4 things, this is bound to be seen as a “statement”, especially coming from a major corporation.

  2. Rick Schroder says:

    So ONLY WHITE PEOPLE are BLUE COLLAR??…smh…and how do you mention “green” card, and not give prominence to the large swaths of Latino Americans that carry them, and are an integral part of the working class??…smh…this commercial should be renamed “Praise the White Worker”

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