That Bounce Commercial With A “Your Love” Parody

This ad is pretty amusing. It’s unfortunate that Harry’s shirt comes out so wrinkled. And no Harry, trying to smooth it out with your hands doesn’t work…it just makes it look like you’re rubbing yourself. But any commercial that has a parody of The Outfield’s wildly catchy song “Your Love” is going to be one that gets my attention. By the way, Gavin Williams plays Harry.


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30 Responses to That Bounce Commercial With A “Your Love” Parody

  1. Ken Nelson says:

    Love it! Is The Outfield actually performing?

  2. wayne says:

    Terrible sell-out. Guess the band needs the cash…
    I have the cassette tape of that album, by the way…

    • Pat Eroh says:

      you have a right to your opinion. Every time I hear that commercial, I have to go listen to that song. Sounds like a really smart move on the band’s part to me. Sell out? I think not

    • Scott says:

      I wouldn’t call it a sell out. For you and me these songs can represent feelings and memories. And when these artists compose these songs they’re putting pieces of themselves into their work. But for them it really comes down to being product. To sell. And the original lyrics aren’t being used. Just the instrumental. Think of it as the box that a gift came in. The box might get reused. But the original gift isn’t affected by it.

  3. Patricia Kostyo says:

    I absolutely love this commercial! It’s the best bounce commercial I’ve ever seen. It’s clever, funny and the song could not be better for getting the attention and point across. I’m going to buy some bounce today and try the wrinkle free. I was out of bounce anyway. Good job!

  4. Rich says:

    That was absolutely NOT the Outfield singing. It’s just an injustice to the song to have it performed so badly. And on National television as well. The Outfield has always been one of my favorite bands, but everytime I hear that commercial it makes me want to never buy bounce again.

    • wayne Sorensen says:

      right on Rich! i’ll never be able to listen to my tape again without thinking of the terrible way they twisted the lyrics…

      • alan gates says:

        as a retired Ist tenor for a well known oldies group,i can assure you that 60 something TONY LEWIS (the outfield) did not , could not hit the high notes for the bounce commercial !!!

      • Lisa says:

        Well sure sounds a lot like Tony, and yes it is possible for a 50+ singer to hit those notes take a listen to Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones and Even Martin Gore from Depeche Mode. Tony has a very pure tone in his voice and if it is not him then Damn this guy singing needs to be in an Outfield cover band

      • Dante Libra says:

        I can’t believe someone mentioned Nik Kershaw! He’s one of my fav artists & a huge influence on me as a musician…ever since The Riddle. Lived in Germany 10 years. He was big over there.

    • David Berry says:

      Absolutely, I hate it when the take a great song and ruin it by changing the words to sell a product. when advertising companies do this it shows their total lack of imagination.

      • the dude says:

        I love it when they remake a song like that, this ad is better than 97% of ads out there. It doesn’t ruin the original at all it makes me want to listen to the original because the ad version can’t compete. it is paying homage to the Outfield as long as they are getting paid. That’s not selling out, it’s proving their relevance over time.

    • Kevin S says:

      Oh gawd…stop buying Bounce and go sit in a crying room.

  5. mannoman says:

    The Outfield no longer exists. Leader John Spinks died of a rare form of liver cancer in 2014. And that was NOT Tony Lewis. Not sure if they (Bounce) had to pay for use of the melody but i think they do.

    • Kevin S says:

      Just because Spinks passed away doesn’t mean Tony Lewis couldn’t have provided the vocals for that commercial.

  6. wayne Sorensen says:

    and who would go to an important meeting wearing a shirt that bad anyway? and touch themselves like that? he’s a loser and the commercial is too.

  7. Adam Trossello says:

    I know that is a parody of the Outfield’s original “Your love,” but I can’t some of the lyrics after you hear “They told Harry use some “Bounce” to dry.” How does to parody go after that?

  8. Lisa says:

    This Bounce commercial has totally destroyed the fond memories I had of this Outfield song!!!
    I jump for the “mute” button every time it comes on, and I look forward to the day it’s no longer aired.

  9. Harry says:

    Love this commercial!

  10. jcaballero says:

    look up the panda show radio
    from mexico city ,then listen to his sons in that show

  11. random observer says:

    Anyone know why there are two versions? In one, the lyric is “he would be less wrinkly and winning at life”. In the other, it’s “he would be a less wrinkly winning guy”.

  12. Kevin S says:

    What is wrong with some of you people? Biggest bunch of grumps I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m old but at least I’m happy. Some of you need to take your Metamucil and go to sleep. For the record, just because John Spinks passed away and the Outfield aren’t a band anymore doesn’t mean they couldn’t reconvene to cut a new take for the commercial. (Unfortunately without John of course). Tony Lewis was the vocalist for the band. Jess….idiots.

  13. jayjayel says:

    sounds like Charlie Day is singing it

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