Geico Has Ice-T At A Lemonade Stand

These kids are selling lemonade in Geico’s new “It’s Not Surprising” ad, but all the adults think they have iced tea. Of course, we find out that they’re right in a way, as Ice-T is chillin behind them. Hah! There’s some pretty women in this commercial…Amy Rutberg plays the blonde and Anne Troup is the brunette. The man with the dog is played by David Levin.

Southwest Airlines Brings Back “Wanna Get Away”

Southwest Airlines’ “Wanna Get Away” was a well-loved and prolific campaign that ran for 10 years. I think the spots worked so well because they combined universally undesirable scenarios (awkward and uncomfortable situations) with an obvious product benefit (Southwest’s flights are so cheap that you can make a quick escape). So now they’re bringing it back with a new “Wanna Get Away” campaign. The first spot shows a secret witness whose identity is revealed by a hapless production assistant during a live interview. Southwest also has a social component to the campaign, where people can tweet #WannaGetAway with their embarrassing stories for a chance to win a getaway to an island off the cost of Belize.

Dos Equis Has A New Most Interesting Man In The World

The new Most Interesting Man in the World is played by French actor Augustin Legrand. Interestingly, he speaks his first line in the campaign in Spanish. Speaking more than one language automatically increases someone’s interestingness. Here’s more from AdFreak.

10/27 update: The first spot from the campaign.

This Commercial Sucks: Microsoft Surface Has A Terrible Song

Make it stop!

Wendy’s Says Frozen Beef, Microwaved Bacon, And Veggies Don’t Belong On The Baconator

Here’s a bizarre and funny campaign for Wendy’s, created by VML. You see, the Baconator is selective. So, we see a frozen beef patty (from Australia), in an unsuccessful interview for Baconator Inc. Then there’s a blind date from “MeatSwipe”, where a microwaved strip of bacon is a dealbreaker. And veggies try to get into Club Baconator with bad fake IDs. Memorable stuff…well done!

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