Geico Has Ice-T At A Lemonade Stand

These kids are selling lemonade in Geico’s new “It’s Not Surprising” ad, but all the adults think they have iced tea. Of course, we find out that they’re right in a way, as Ice-T is chillin behind them. Hah! There’s some pretty women in this commercial…Amy Rutberg plays the blonde and Anne Troup is the brunette. The man with the dog is played by David Levin.


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7 Responses to Geico Has Ice-T At A Lemonade Stand

  1. hatterasman says:

    Best Geico commercial in years.

  2. JUDITH BROWN says:

    Could be a superbowl winner! great commercial….have to stop and watch it everytime it comes on!

  3. Ray S says:

    Stupid as hell. Anyone would realize they are no confusing thw plainly labeled “Lemonade” as if it is Iced Tea. The man in the lawn chair calls himself “Iced-T”. What is more likely to be suprising? Seeing a famous person at a suburban “Lemonade Stand” or just a lemonade stand. Guess these dumb as people should be saying “is that Ice-T sitting there?” Because obviously “Ice-T” is too stupid to assume they are talking about him and not the beverage. Don’t encourage this, it is not clever it is annoying.

  4. th!sguy says:

    exactly. Ray

  5. joseph paduano says:

    Just another stupid Geico commercial. All their commercials contribute to the dumbing down effect.

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