McDonald’s Advertises Chicken McNuggets “Time After Time”

Pretty nice spot from McDonald’s. We see a young boy and young girl in side-by-side frames. The boy’s frame looks retro, while the girl’s looks like the present day. He’s playing basketball, and then passes the ball to her. He’s playing an old video game, and then a modern controller comes to her. The boy’s got a bike, and now she’s got a new one. The boy is playing with a stuffed dog, and when he gives it to her, it’s a real Corgi puppy. At McDonald’s the young boy enjoys Chicken McNuggets, and then (not too surprisingly), we see that he’s actually her father. He’s sharing his childhood experiences with her. Aww. We can debate about the nutritional value of McDonald’s, and about whether the new Chicken McNuggets are actually better for you, but it’s still cute. “Time After Time” is a song that always manages to sound beautiful. The cover is by Iron & Wine, AKA Sam Beam.

DirecTV: Peyton Manning Now Spends His Sunday Mornings At The Grocery Store

After 18 seasons, Peyton Manning retired from the NFL back in March. But life goes on, and Peyton still needs things to do on Sunday. So he now spends his Sunday mornings shopping at the grocery store in his bathrobe, and extolling the virtues of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket to a disinterested cashier. And since those football checks aren’t coming in anymore, Peyton uses coupons. A fiscally savvy move. Other spots show Peyton spending his Sunday mornings at the park, and talking to his brother Eli, who’s about to play. Lionel Richie offers a parody of his song “Easy.”


This Geico Ad Has Marco Polo In A Pool

In Geico’s new “It’s Not Surprising” campaign, we see a group of kids playing Marco Polo in an above-ground pool. Also in the pool is Marco Polo, fully dressed in period clothing and confusedly wondering in Italian why these whippersnappers are calling his name. Alas, the children are too busy with their game to notice (or care) that a 13th century Venetian explorer and his llama are right there. Marco Polo is played by Michael Mazzeo.

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