Sarah Works At GE, Awkwardness Ensues

Remember Owen, the guy who had to awkwardly explain his job at GE to friends and family? They just couldn’t understand that Owen was working as a developer, and wouldn’t actually be manufacturing things. Well, now GE has a new campaign starring Sarah that shows the flip side…that GE is still an industrial company, which is also an digital company. I was going to say that I hope her and Owen meet each other and get together, but apparently Sarah is married. Sarah is played by Elizabeth Alderfer.

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8 Responses to Sarah Works At GE, Awkwardness Ensues

  1. M.E. Wrobel says:

    Your commercials that portray “Ricky” leave a very uncomfortable feeling behind. I wish you would stop them. If they are supposed to be funny, they are not.

  2. Daphne Myers says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Owen commercials and now the Sarah commercials. I laughed out loud at the various Owen commericals- particularly the dropped resume. I don’t think the Ricky commerical is offensive in any way- he is a nerd just like a lot of them were in the Owen commercials. It’s funny and I sure remember GE from seeing these clips. I think they were clever and a great marketing tool. Keep it up. The mini ongoing stories in commercials are something I like a lot.

  3. Dorothy says:

    I agree with M.E. Wrobel and disagree with Daphne. I find that the commercials with Ricky are in very poor taste and even offensive. Is the boy mentally challenged, autistic, or what? It seems he could be either so they are not funny at all. The parents are condescending and seem to just tolerate their son. Also, I wasn’t a fan of one of the first commercials with Owen, where his father puts him down because he thinks his son can’t pick up the hammer. I think GE should hire a new marketing specialist to send more positive messages to the consumer, although these commercials seem more geared to future employees than consumers.

  4. I like Ricky. I like GE. They make shiny things…squirrel?!….

  5. As a grandmother of a autism spectrum grandson who is a Wonderful child and most loved..your Ricky commercial is offensive. The parents of Ricky are deplorable. The parents of my grandson are not embarrassed or condescending by his questions or comments . G E , get a new ad agency.

    • M. Vena says:

      I agree completely. I cringe every time I see one of those commercials.

      • I’ll happily (or angrily) jump on the bandwagon here. Mental illness is not a punchline. Two of the commercials (the vending machine spot and the digital/industrial spot) basically end with Ricky being hushed (“give him a dollar” and “okay, Ricky”). This sends the message that those who are “different” are worth less and should fade into the background.

        Come to think of it the “does that threaten you” spot is another cheap play on outdated stereotypes. It’s insulting to both men and women to play on the old myth that men are threatened by successful and strong women and are driven to a need to prove their manhood.

        GE should be better than this.

  6. Raul says:

    Guys… Ricky is not autistic…

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