Devour Has Food You Want To Fork

There’s nothing inherently wrong with using sex in advertising. While you can debate the validity of the adage “sex sells”, it does exist for a reason. But one of the problems that comes up with sexy commercials is that they often come across as limp, uninspired, and unoriginal. The kind of idea that gets brought up when nobody has anything better, and you just want to go home (or to lunch). In this case though, I guess that lame idea worked for Kraft Heinz (forgot they merged) in these spots for its new male-targeted frozen meals, Devour. The first ad involves a mechanic talking dirty to his bacon mac & cheese and spanking it with his fork. The second one has the classic scenario of the pool boy and the bored housewife. He really enjoys his chicken enchiladas, and they both love the creaminess of the meal. These ads are a big yawn for me.


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31 Responses to Devour Has Food You Want To Fork

  1. No Important says:

    They’re pretty gross. But what do you expect from a company trying to market to and take advantage of young adults.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I HATE these commercial. There not secy, they are just stupid and juvenile. I will never purchase this brand, ever.

  3. Susan taylor says:

    Why do these companies feel that sex will sell the food? It makes me sick that there is no censorship on television. I can’t let my kids watch a lot of the shows, now I have to guard the commercials. Too much freedom people, show some class.

  4. Marlene says:

    I hate these commercials. I find them offensive.

  5. Brandon says:

    The spank commercial is just freaking stupid and juvenile it’s absolutely ridiculous awkward and should be taken off the Aire

  6. D. V says:

    I saw the mac and cheese commercial for the first time today. UNBELIEVABLY gross, sleazy, tacky, and disgusting. I am shocked that Kraft would lower themselves this way. I told my mom about it and she said add her voice to the disgust we feel. Whoever thought up such slime and whoever OK’d it should both be fired.

  7. VAD says:

    I will NEVER buy this because of a grown man spanking his meal. It’s disgusting. Even if the food is absolutely delish, I couldn’t bring myself to eat it because of this commercial. If I can reach the remote in time, I mute this absolutely gross commercial. PS: I am in my 40s so I’m not sure what their target market is, but it’s definitely not grown women wanting to see to middle-aged men getting sexual with their food!! YUCK!!

  8. I think they are fantastic….we are too closed minded in this society….Im glad I lived in Europe, Asia and Latin America for a while to experience other cultures….

    • Bored Viewer says:

      I think the argument is against the relevance of sex in ads that have nothing to do with sex. Not to mention the fact these ads feed the stereotype that men are only interested in sex. Spanking pasta? Really?

    • d says:

      And the rest of us wish you would go back to one of these cultural Meccas and never return.

  9. Bored Viewer says:

    Here we go again. Who do these advertising companies employ? A bunch of pre-pubescent 12 year olds? Using sex in ads that have nothing to do with sex is the equivalent of a flashing neon sign that reads “I’m unoriginal and have no real talent in creating content so I’m using the age-old standby (sex) and hope that viewers are too stupid to notice”. Nexxxtttt!

  10. Karla Pardee says:

    Samuel L Jacksons credit card commercial was removed because he said “damn”! Why aren’t parents outraged by spanking your noodles and forking your food??? These commercials should be removed from television!

  11. Rebecca Chapman says:

    I cannot believe people stoop so low… I will never buy any of their food products and I don’t know which is lower the actors in the commercial or the company.. it is disgustingly sick.

  12. bella says:

    We love food, enjoy food. We need food for survival but we also get a satisfaction from eating a good meal. I am so discusted that they are trying to blur the lines between food satisfaction and sexual satisfaction. Both separately are an enjoyment but mixing them is sick and demented.

  13. Dennis says:

    Let’s please make this backfire and send an unmistakable message to this company.

    • KJ says:

      I did leave several messages with the marketing department.
      As a successful retired professional in that area, I expressed all of the same similar negative comments expressed here. That’s what it takes to get the commercial removed! I’ve done it before! Everyone speak up!

  14. katherine wilaby says:

    I’m going to stop buying your products. this commercial is disgusting. I cut the sound or turn it off every time it comes on. I will no longer buy kraft or heinz products. it has become a new mission. how dare you ruin foods that I would normally buy.

  15. Tamara says:

    This is a very inappropriate ad. Will stop buying your products. Shame on you guys!

  16. me says:

    “”Did you just spank your lunch?””
    How imbecelic. I missed my calling in the advertising industry. The height of stupidity. Only a deplorable Democrat that lives off of the government sitting around watching mindless TV all day would find any humor in these commercials.

    • joshw24 says:

      Though if we are getting political about these dumb commercials (we shouldn’t), the states that proportionally receive the most welfare benefits are deeply Republican…

      • danielducote says:

        You can thank the blue dog, southern Democrats in our state governments for that. In my home state of Louisiana, most of our state legislators used to be Democrats and switched over to the GOP in the last 10-20 years. They never agreed with Governor Jindal (R) on anything and he vetoed all their increases in gov’t spending.

        As soon as a blue governor took office, they jumped at the opportunity to expand Medicaid and pass many other increases in government spending. Hypocritical conservatives have destroyed this state and pundits like Bill Maher mock our economic situation as an example of failed conservative policies, when in reality we have liberal Republicans who have ruined the state with their big government policies, all the while finding a way to cut funding for important things like TOPS and sending the entire once-booming film industry packing.

        My dad is now on a four-day work week and very concerned about losing his job because business has been on a steady downward spiral for the past year. Thanks, Governor Edwards!

  17. Marketing Counsulting says:

    I emailed the Marketing the department.
    Expressed the same opinion as most of your comments below!
    Do the same and it will soon be removed- if they get enough negative comments!
    I’ve done this before, and it worked.
    I am a successful retired Marketing Director.

  18. danielducote says:

    These ads make me want to vomit. Two middle-aged, heavier, unattractive men talking about sex is the last thing that’s going to make me want to eat the meal you’re advertising. Not to mention the food itself looks pretty damn gross.

  19. Becky says:

    If you have to use sexual references to sell your product, you should fire whoever is writing these commercials. Your commercial is so ridiculous it makes me wonder who should really be “SPANKED” Every aspect is disgusting as are you

  20. andeesmom says:

    Really? Spanking your mac & cheese? I find this commercial offensive and I have a food sense of humor and am usually quick to the double entendres wink and laugh. Suffice it to say, I am no prude but this commercial just makes me sure I’d never purchase this product. This is one woman’s opinion.

  21. Lori says:

    These commercials are absolutely appalling. I hate that they are so sexually suggestive and on when young children are able to see them. I turn the channel when they come on..I have no interest in buying these products..

  22. Jay says:

    I love the commercials. Maybe the rest of you should spank your lunch and relieve some of your ass crammed tension.

  23. Ruth loc says:


  24. John says:

    The spanking-your-lunch commercial is yet another imbecilic example of messed up minds celebrating food, rather than celebrating intellect; and did I forget to mention, it also reflects the current culture’s childlike obsession with sex as a tool, rather than as a tempest.

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