This Geico Ad Has Marco Polo In A Pool

In Geico’s new “It’s Not Surprising” campaign, we see a group of kids playing Marco Polo in an above-ground pool. Also in the pool is Marco Polo, fully dressed in period clothing and confusedly wondering in Italian why these whippersnappers are calling his name. Alas, the children are too busy with their game to notice (or care) that a 13th century Venetian explorer and his llama are right there. Marco Polo is played by Michael Mazzeo.

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15 Responses to This Geico Ad Has Marco Polo In A Pool

  1. Robert Miller says:

    There are no Llamas in Asia. They are native to South America and as such Marco Polo would not have even known they existed. Pack animals of Asia would have been mules , camels or yaks. Cute ad but sad that your ad agency and marketing staff are short on geography and applicable fauna knowledge.

  2. Its annoying..georpahicly and historicaly wrong. Marco polo is wearing an outfit that is almost like Christopher Columbus like. Marco Polo was in the 1400’s. Here is a link of a pic of Marco Polo.

  3. That does not look period outfit. That is more of 1600’s outfit from what i can see. Secondly his beard is the wrong color. I wish they’d actualy look up pics of him. Also Robert Miller brings up a good point. He travled to Asia not south America.

  4. Len says:

    Why is there a llama outside of the pool

  5. Steve says:

    The llama is from the same hemisphere as the family whose pool is shown and they still live in this hemisphere. Also, we know from another recent commercials that Americans can rent them for their kids. So shouldn’t the question be not what is the llama doing here, but what is Marco Polo doing here?

  6. Mike Deweese says:

    It’s a perfect concept, outfit is great perfect actor it’s his response…he should be saying I’m right here in front of you kid with your eyes closed. Start with “here” and get more annoyed and frustrated….could of been funny and memorable

  7. John Gladden says:

    Very annoying commercial. There was never any popularity to play such a game even as I remember such a game existing years ago. Geico is usually creative. I just mute the tv when this one is on.

  8. Stop trying to analyze everything and just enjoy the dang thing. It’s a commercial for heavens sake.

    • Ann Kabanuck says:

      Some people have no appreciation for the nonsense side of life. An incongruous llama peeking over the pool? It’s just silly and funny. It doesn’t have to be logical. C’mon.

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