Sheba: Feeding A Cat Interrupts This Steamy Makeout Session

This couple comes in the door and gets hot and steamy. They start undressing each other…and then he catches the steely stare of his cat who’s waiting for meal time. REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” plays, and suddenly the guy is under his cat’s spell. Making out ends and he walks with dropped pants to feed the friendly feline some Sheba Perfect Portions. The woman gets her sweater back on and looks pissed (the shots of her struggling with her sweater overhead are gold), but if she can’t handle his cat, is she really worth it? I’d never heard of the Sheba brand of cat food before this ad, but it definitely cracked me up. Well done! If you were wondering, Brendan Taylor plays the man, and Clare Filipow is the woman.

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44 Responses to Sheba: Feeding A Cat Interrupts This Steamy Makeout Session

  1. Marsha Copple says:

    I think this commercial really shouldn’t be on TV… is too provacative for teens ans smaller children to see. It stats with a man and woman undressing each other and the man goes to get the cat some food with his pants around his ankles……sickening….cheap shot for you to subject innocent children of all ages to inappropriate sexual content. It should be taken off the air.

    • joshw24 says:

      Yeah…I kinda think there are more pressing problems in the world to be concerned about.

      • Common Sense says:

        There is nothing more pressing to me than my 3 year old granddaughter seeing an almost life size image of a strange man with his pants around his ankles in our living room. This is NOT acceptable to show during a family friendly tv show about home decorating. This little girl has a vocabulary most adults I know couldn’t keep up with. We’ve talk about private parts and what is acceptable behavior and what is not. When she saw this commercial she froze. If a child knows this is wrong, then maybe the adults ought to think back to their childhood and remember what their parents told them about the “uh-oh” feeling of situations.

        Perhaps Sheba needs to hire an advertising company that has real talent. “When you lack talent, use sex.”

        Adults are not your only audience. Have as much sense as a three year old child, and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

      • Nina says:

        Yeah like children being sexualised???!! Seriously this advert literally got a little girl aged six asking why the man wanted to get naked with a woman and a cat…”what did he want to do with them auntie? “

    • Kathy key says:

      I kinda agree. They took it a little too far. I am far from a prude, but it really didn’t have to start with all that aggressive passion, coulda took it down a notch, and surely didn’t need for it to end with his pants around his ankles. Too explicit. Adults can “read between the lines”, no need to be so explicit. But I love the other ad with the Mommy waiting for her toddler to take his first steps and then totally gets sidetracked by the glare of her hungry cat as the baby walks all over the room. Now THAT’S funny without being vulgar.

  2. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was hilarious. I love it!

  3. Marsha evans says:

    This commercial is ridiculous and very offensive! Please be aware that young children may be viewing it. It needs to be removed.

  4. david says:


  5. lynne marney says:

    Totally inappropriate to use sex to advertise a cat food !! for God’s sake sunk to a new level now . Take it down

  6. Dianne Perry says:

    Stop this sleezy ad . I’m no prood, but T.V ads are becoming too sexualised. If my daughter was still young I’d be livid and complain.

  7. Nina says:

    I enjoy clever adds, I enjoy funny ones, but unnecessarily sexual ones irritate me at all he best of times. I am the mother to two young kids, when they are watching kids programs attached to kids adverts it’s fine…did anyone think throwing a sexual advert in the middle was appropriate, or am I the prude?

  8. Kathy A. Freeman says:

    I also agree that this commercial was in poor taste. I was horrified with the image of the man with his pants down around his ankles. Sickening. I feel it needs removed. We are bombarded with enough of this bad advertising on television. Clean up your act! Very inappropriate.

  9. Gloria Williams says:

    I , too, was livid over this! My 11 year old, very naive, daughter asked questions I was not ready to answer in the middle of a tv program we were watching together. Shame on you, Sheba. You should be responsible in your advertising. It is obviously all about the all might dollar!

  10. Crystal Long says:

    Cats do rule!
    I know….

  11. Dave says:

    Will not by this product for my cat don’t like your commercial…Your product sales must be low if you have to use sex, shows how desperate you are.

  12. Arlene Thomson says:

    I can’t say enough bad things about your ad. Totally inappropriate, not only for children, but even for adults. There are certainly better ways to make an ad enjoyable to watch without using sex. Won’t buy your product!

  13. Toni says:

    I find this commercial pretty creepy and tacky…almost seem like the guy is more interested in the cat, hence pants still around his ankles! When I tried to find a forum to post a comment on can’t believe some think its funny and appropriate. Just goes to show there is no accounting for peoples taste, more evidence of the current morality in our society!

  14. Marietta Crawford says:

    I hate this commercial! To think that Nat Geo plays this commercial while young children watch these animals shows is shocking! I will never buys this product bc of this commercial! You should be ashamed!

  15. Jane says:

    This commercial is extremely inappropiate. The product must not be selling well to resort to trying to have sex sell it. I would never buy this product.

  16. Janet says:

    This ad is in very poor taste. I was shocked when I saw a cat food company using sex to sell their product. Cat food needing sex to sell it? Really? Young children are watching and this ad it definitely NOT appropriate!

  17. Lorisa says:

    Innapropriate commercial its bad come up with a new one , i dont appreciate my kids seeing that

  18. Chrystal says:

    This commercial is not appropriate for children. Really surprised this was approved.

  19. Lorisa says:

    Horrible commercial why do u still show it sex in a cat food commercial! Are u kidding me its cat food not porn it needs to be fixed

  20. MARCIE LOPEZ says:

    I hate this commercial and wish the company would pull it. It assaults our children with weird sexual messages and has nothing to do with cat food.

  21. Kathryn Nisse says:

    “Make out session”? Since when is the dropping of the pants on the floor considered “making out?” I also consider the entire concept of the commercial distasteful. I have young grandchildren and having to explain why his pants are on the floor or why the couple are disrobing has to do with feeding a cat, is, well, something we really don’t need to do. Just wish it were gone or shown only after 9 p.m.

  22. Laura Cat says:

    This commercial is so disgusting. Not because it is provocative, but the mix of themes sexualizes a cat eating meat. The man is caught staring at the cat, pants down, while it chows down a “perfect portion ” of meat. So.Gross.

  23. Linda says:

    I find your Sheba cat food distasteful and disgusting. Truly a new low in advertising. I think of the children with questions about what this commercial is about. If I had a cat, I would honor prchase your product. It needs to be removed immediately. Shame on the Mars company.

  24. Carter says:

    Very disturbing. Take it down NOW

  25. Jimmy Frost says:

    This was about the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen. I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of the chair-and I also started buying Sheba Perfect Portions for my cats, and they love it.

    My God, when did you people start becoming such a bunch of Puritans? This is MILD compared to what “the children” are exposed to on a day to day basis.

  26. Charlotte E Horne says:

    This commercial is offensive and plain idiotic! Sex selling cat food? Morons! I have children in my house!! How could this go thru umpteen reviews and get a stamp of approval? Fools and idiots, That’s how!


    The commercial is disgusting. Really. What are you trying to sell. Remember we have kids watching tv

  28. Judith Fluhr says:

    This commercial is totally offensive! If I had a cat, I would NOT buy your brand of catfood. Do you not have any morals? Children see this garbage!!!!!!!!

  29. Kay jackson says:

    I think it’s ridiculous to associate cat food with what’s going on in this commercial.
    If it takes sex to get the attention of consumers to buy this brand then obviously it had nothing of value to offer my pet. Will not be buying. C

  30. Kate stanbrough says:

    Need to fire your writers and send them back to writing porno scripts

  31. Lou fernandez says:

    Please take this commercial off!!!!!!!
    Children are watching and I don’t care for it either

  32. Leeanne Sweeney says:

    Sexualizing cat food is totally ridiculous and inappropriate. Not only is this commercial in poor taste. Besides the fact that it should not be broadcast at 8 pm when kids are watching- are they buying cat food? Who is your target audience? Adolescents and dopes tittilated by cat food commercials? Duh.
    I have a cat but this does not make me want to buy Sheba whatsoever. Amazing how many advertising executives and sheba executives must have collectively approved this idea for the commercial before it was actually broadcast? Does sex have to sell cat food? Really? Its so uninventive. C’mon, get more creative. It’s so lame and shameless to rely on sex to sell. I would never try Sheba cat food because of this commercial. If they’re paying thousands of dollars for someone to come up with this dumb idea, they should hire an agency with some people with creativity and understanding of what would grab cat owners attention and make us remember the brand in a positive way when we do our shopping.
    I think you’ll lose more consumers than you gain. And if you don’t, you should. The only reason I even knew what product the commercial was for is because I just saw it and was immediately turned OFF enough to find a place to comment on it.

  33. Carol Gainey says:

    It’s a shame that your company can’t produce a better TV ad, than putting sex in the commericall. It is has nothing to do with cat food. It has been a year and nothing new. Maybe you should fire your ad department.

  34. Cindy randall says:

    I think this commercial is pretty disgusting….it looks lo Me
    Like the man is trying to enter the woman from behind!!! Not funny and not for television

  35. Alice Rose Thatch says:

    Ansolutely inappropriate. We have far too many sexually explicit tv programs and commercials without adding one to sell cat food. We try to fight sexual abuse of all sorts and then you and your advertising people find it necessary to try and sell cat food with sex. Just who are you targeting? And just what is wrong with you. Whoever in your company approved it should be disciplined severly. Take it off the air.

    • Alice Rose Thatch says:

      Ansolutely inappropriate. We have far too many sexually explicit tv programs and commercials without adding one to sell cat food. We try to fight sexual abuse of all sorts and then you and your advertising people find it necessary to try and sell cat food with sex. Just who are you targeting? And just what is wrong with you. Whoever in your company approved it should be disciplined severly. Take it off the air.

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