Schick Shows Women Trimming Bushes

This one has been out for more than a year and garnered over 7 million views on YouTube. I saw it last year and never wrote about it, but it’s being shown again lately, so I guess better late than never to put something on the blog. We see three women standing behind conveniently placed shrubs. Two of the women struggle to trim the hedge with scissors, while the woman on the right confidently trims the bush into a heart shape with her Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle. We could go on and on about the messages in this ad and whether they set up unrealistic expectations for women. But I’ll just say that it’s quite unsubtle and very memorable. For those of you wondering about the actresses, I can only find the confident trimmer in the purple bikini…it’s Jessica Lowndes, who was never in a relationship with Jon Lovitz.



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