Geico: If You’re A Parrot, You Repeat Things

Parrots are probably best known for their ability to imitate human speech. They of course don’t understand what they’re saying, but if you utter an unfortunate statement, you might be hearing it for a while. I remember parrots repeating a murder confession being used as a cliche in TV shows I saw as a kid, but apparently similar things have happened. So needless to say, you should watch your mouth around a parrot. That’s a lesson this pirate learns all too well in Geico’s newest “It’s What You Do” spot.

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One Response to Geico: If You’re A Parrot, You Repeat Things

  1. Companion Parrots are aware of what they are saying and speak contextually. Your statement that parrots do not know what they are saying is completely incorrect. They do not mimic speech, they learn the contextual value of spoken words the same way as a child does learning to speak. And they contextually apply those values to gain what they want, or get rid of what they do not like.

    Additionally, the age of the parrot in this commercial is also misleading as in the first year after fledgling a parrot wouldn’t have that vocabulary, contextual application or quick speech.

    Although cute, this presentation of a macaw is way off in many regards.

    I felt compelled to leave this comment based on your adamant statement of parrots inability to understand what they are saying. With 15 years is marketing and advertising I can appreciate the message value though.

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