This Ad Council Video Follows The Life And Death Of A Strawberry

Food waste. It’s something we all encounter. If your household is like mine, there’s a lot of it. Most often, it’s something that gets pushed back in the fridge and forgotten about until it’s past the point of saving. In this really cool spot from the Ad Council, we see a strawberry growing and getting picked in the field (the music from the movie Up plays too). It’s packed into a box with other strawberries and trucked away. From there, it’s in a warehouse and then shipped off with other fruits, like limes. It gets on a plane and lands at a grocery store. There, a mom buys a lime and the box of strawberries, with insistence from her daughter. The strawberries come home where they’re washed and the mom eats one. She puts them back in the fridge…where they sit forgotten until they rot and are thrown away. What a shame. According to the spot, 40% of food in America is wasted. All that water, labor, fuel, money, and love is just gone. So be more aware, and waste less food. Here’s some more information about this campaign from Adweek.



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