Skittles Pox…Gahh!

This Skittles ad isn’t new at all, having been released in late May 2015. And it was a popular one, racking up more than 43 million views. But I saw it recently, and realized that I’d never written about it. It’s weird like a lot of Skittles commercials. And creepy. Oh so creepy.


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30 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

3 Responses to Skittles Pox…Gahh!

  1. norma says:

    It’s beyond creepy! It’s disgusting! It’s the reason I don’t buy or consume these “once what I thought was yummy candy!” Watching this commercial makes me want to hurl my stomach contents!

  2. Marcia Little says:

    Disgusting commercial. I guess if the girl didn’t pluck one from his face, it might be tolerable, but probably not. It is a horrible concept! Makes me nauseous.

  3. Cheryl Bacsardi says:

    really disgusting it just go to show that the people that made that commerical didnt realize that little kids would copy it.

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