Skittles Pox…Gahh!

This Skittles ad isn’t new at all, having been released in late May 2015. And it was a popular one, racking up more than 43 million views. But I saw it recently, and realized that I’d never written about it. It’s weird like a lot of Skittles commercials. And creepy. Oh so creepy.

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7 Responses to Skittles Pox…Gahh!

  1. norma says:

    It’s beyond creepy! It’s disgusting! It’s the reason I don’t buy or consume these “once what I thought was yummy candy!” Watching this commercial makes me want to hurl my stomach contents!

  2. Marcia Little says:

    Disgusting commercial. I guess if the girl didn’t pluck one from his face, it might be tolerable, but probably not. It is a horrible concept! Makes me nauseous.

  3. Cheryl Bacsardi says:

    really disgusting it just go to show that the people that made that commerical didnt realize that little kids would copy it.

  4. Basha Castillo says:

    It was released at least march 2012 otherwise you wouldnt be able to find it uploaded to youtube with that date so you may want to revise this…. or not since its not important lol

  5. Brenda says:

    Warped commercial. Disgusting.

  6. Stars Lowder says:

    I’m so sick watching even the first part of this commercial. It make me want to heave! I see it’s on all the time and it just disgusts me. I used to like Skittles but I won’t even buy them now.
    Please take this commercial off the air please!

  7. Wayne says:

    You’re all over sensitive tools to let the story line of a commercial dictate what you do or don’t eat.

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