This Couple Has McDonald’s Quarter Pounders After Their Wedding

Apparently at weddings, there isn’t a whole lot of time for the newlyweds to eat dinner. They’ll spend their time schmoozing with friends, dancing, and having awkward conversations with those distant family members that they don’t really know but got invited anyway. The meal often takes a backseat. In fact, the whole wedding experience is so stressful (and also intoxicated) that a majority of couples don’t even have wedding night sex. Anyway, in this new McDonald’s commercial, we follow a newly married couple at their wedding. At the end when they are getting into the limo to depart, they open the door and find couple Quarter Pounders, fries, and a note from the bride’s dad. “There’s never time to eat at your own wedding. Love- Dad.” Aww. Pretty sweet actually, but hard not to be a little snarky. It’s nice that he didn’t get stuff off the Dollar Menu, but McDonald’s? Maybe they just like Quarter Pounders? Or maybe he’s just a little broke from paying for the wedding and feeding everyone else? I guess we’ll never know. The song playing is “Lean On Me” by Telekinesis. Jaclyn Hennell plays the bride, while Josh Salt is the groom.

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4 Responses to This Couple Has McDonald’s Quarter Pounders After Their Wedding

  1. Christine Ketchell says:

    Hey McDonalds…you stole MY LIFE. Your commerical made its way over 30 years and finally into your campaign. Sad part you did not develop it. My father and I did. When I was a little girl in the early 870’s I would tell my father for my wedding I wanted everyone to have a hamburger, french fries and a coke for the dinner. He would say, ok, Tina I am going to remember that. On April 27, 1985 at my wedding, when I arrived at the reception venue on the bridal table where we were eating on my plate, was a Hamburger, French Fries, and a small coke and my father looking up at me from the stage with tears in his eyes, saying, I told you Tina, I would never forget what you said. I was 22 years old. Do not tell me you came up with that idea. Someone passed it to you, and no one would ever be able to share that tender moment that I had with my dad. I have 250 witnesses who saw that tender moment when my dad looked up at me at he bridal table and I cried. So I suggest you take that commercialoff the air or I will make sure I sue you and get the credit for the idea. YOU did not think of it, you heard it through someone who knew my story, and let me tell you something, NO ONE HAS A FATHER like me who remembered what a little 7 year old girl said and 20 years later stopped before the reception to pick up that special meal to show me he never forgot. If you care to fight me on this. I have the money to to do. Take the commercial off or I willl sue you for defamation and copyright. GOT IT. Every time I see this commercial I have to change the channel and I tell people what a bunch of copycat scumbags you people really are. That is not an original idea. That was something between my father and me, and there is NO ONE OUT THERE WHO CAN SAY THEY SHARED THE SAME idea 20 years before they got married. I;m ready for the fight. Take the commercial down or I will go viral with your copying my heartfelt memory between my dad and me. As I said, I have 250 witnesses that will say they saw that on April 27, 1985 and you go and make money off of my memory. BS. Im ready for the fight against you. It breaks my heart to see you try to recreate what NO ONE can, so take it down. I will use Facebook, twitter and other means to destroy this campaign. You stole it from me. Take it down now! I have heard so many of my family and friends say, Hey where did McDonalds get that idea from? That was a heartfelt moment at YOUR WEDDING. Ya, MY WEDDING. MY MEMORY. Take it down now/

    • John says:

      Hahahaha! How’d that whole thing work out for you? I don’t think the ad agency that came up with this spot knew anything about your wedding. You honestly think they stole an event from your life, like 30 years later? You’re delusional. No court would convict them. I’m sure you’re not the first, last, or only person to have a McDonald’s hamburger at your wedding. Get over yourself!

      • joshw24 says:

        John, I never responded to Christine’s idiotic and rambling comment when she made it 7 months ago. But your comment is totally on point. Thank you.

  2. Barbara rowe says:

    How can i get that dress the bride is wearing in the mcdonald commercial

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