Quaker Oats Says “Off You Go!”

It’s a nice ad that follows a young girl through her life, ultimately becoming an adult with a girl of her own. Along the way, Quaker Oats plays an important role. The narrative method of following a particular character as they grow up has certainly been done before, but it often leads to a sentimental message that is powerful and popular with the audience. The song is by Dylan Charbeneau.

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14 Responses to Quaker Oats Says “Off You Go!”

  1. Whitney says:

    I would like the now the name of the singer who sings off you go.

  2. Lynda says:

    Sounds like “Alf you go”? So strange that the singer pronounces “off” that way.

  3. Ann Baumgardner says:

    The “alf” you go song makes me never want to eat oatmeal again.

  4. The singers/writers/producers are Tim Fagan, Adrianne Gonzalez, and Dylan Charbeneau

  5. Darr247 says:

    For some reason I keep hearing a mashup of Off You Go and a Pitbull song (Fireball?) in my head when these oatmeal commercials finish.

  6. Sheila englund says:

    How can I get this song I’ve tried iTunes but no go

    • Darr247 says:

      Probably because the name of Dylan Charbeneau’s song is actually “off WE go” not ‘off you go’ as the commercial says.

      Google Play has it.

  7. I like the progression moving and ultimately feeding her own kid.
    Now it could be the little girl at the end growing up. Bernice

  8. My mother in law will not stop singing this awful song. But she insists that it is “and offffff she goes….. and offf sheeeee goooooeeesss.” Ugh. 🙄

  9. Connie says:

    Please remake to say “off you go”. Absolutely no reason to be saying “alf” you go. It’s annoying & incorrect. Makes me never want to eat quaker oatmeal again & I just hate that. Amazing how a stupid jingle can change your whole perception of a product.

  10. Pam Johnson says:

    On a POSITIVE note, I think it is hauntingly lovely and reminds me of the theme song style of Heartland. For once it’s a commercial without blasting loud in-your-face noise!

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