DirecTV’s “Petite Randy Moss” Is Funny, But Some Sell It Short

Being a short male (I’m 5’5″), I’ve learned to deal. There are obvious shortcomings (pun absolutely intended). Many women eschew shorter men and we make less on average than our taller brethren. But there’s no non-painful way to gain height, so it’s best to just accept yourself and have a sense of humor. Which leads me to DirecTV’s new NFL Sunday Ticket commercial featuring former (well, probably) great Randy Moss. It’s the same formula of the Rob Lowe campaign, except now it has Randy Moss, who has DirecTV, and petite Randy Moss, who has cable. It’s pretty funny. But more sensitive men, perhaps with Napoleon complexes, are outraged. One of the obvious jokes, for those in the know, is that Moss is one of the tallest wide receivers to play the game. So lighten up, guys. I mean, I too hate it when they put the “fruity munch” on the top shelf. It’ll be interesting to see if this commercial lasts, or gets pulled because of the easily offended.

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2 Responses to DirecTV’s “Petite Randy Moss” Is Funny, But Some Sell It Short

  1. Bob says:

    For a writer, you should choose your words more carefully.

    It’s a much larger issue than just saying, “Oh well, if you’re offended by this youre just sensitive or you have serious mental issues.” And I think you know that.

    The point is that these commercials started out as Rob Lowe not choosing to be a different person or have a different lifestyle that is generally mocked by others. How can one not choose to be short?

    You’re basically saying that you don’t care that many people inherently see short men in society as inferior, and that youre comfortable in your own skin and it doesn’t bother you (which is fine). But you’re still acknowledging that the issue exists and you refuse to stand up against it in order to be accepted.

    But whatever, just don’t group people who disagree with the ad into the same class of inferiority. That’s even dumber than DirectTV’s message.

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