That BMW Commercial With The Leather-Wearing Grandma

This old lady is what BMW calls a “back-backseat driver.” And it’s got one of the funniest commercial lines I’ve heard in a long time: “Your grandfather loved it when I wore leather. He was a very dominant man.”


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10 Responses to That BMW Commercial With The Leather-Wearing Grandma

  1. susan Petran says:

    the commercial with the grandmother is not funny – it is offensive and in bad taste — Is it copying the Jewish mother of Howard on Big Bang Theory? It also is demeaning to the older persons –
    On another note – the commercial with Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble — GREAT!!!!
    Very well done –

    • susan Petran says:

      What do you mean, Your comment is awaiting moderation”? Are you changing the content?

    • Mary Riggs says:

      I agree totally with Susan. Who other than a Beemer drive sticks an elderly woman in the 3rd seat for starters? They are speaking only to the “me” crowd that buy their cars. It is degrading to the olders persons, but speaks volumes in regard to the age group that buy BMW’s.

  2. Deborah Carrigan says:

    Repulsive. Also a rip off of Little Miss Sunshine … Pathetic attempt to make an elderly person discuss her private history humorous . Apperars she has Alzheimer’s and is dumped into a third seat so that the family is not offended by her obsession with her leather/ sm sexual past. How low can you go?

  3. Stephanie says:

    You will never be able to satisfy all the people all the time. For those of you who are offended DON’T WATCH IT AGAIN! But there are other people, (yes those who are offended are not the only people in the world) who have a sense of humor. Live and let live when it comes to commercials. What is offensive to one person may be humorous to someone else. I find them humorous.

    • Ronald says:

      I’m with you, Stephanie….I think the commercial is very funny! Boy, is it some “uptight” people on here! JEEZERS!

    • Mary Riggs says:

      Instead watch the Buick commercial that values older people when the grandson replies, “you have a blog” – other than not watching it buy GM, they obviously value manners and respect the older person sitting in the front seat. The BMW commercial does uphold how we don’t value older people in this country, that is not humerous by any measure, it is pitiful.

  4. Susan Sears says:

    Apparently BMW is not marketing to the old-lady demographic. But I’m tempted to disinherit my son if he doesn’t trade his Beemer in for something made by a company which doesn’t feel compelled to insult anyone. This is quality? Looks like ordinary trash to me.

  5. DJ Ortega says:

    Ciertamente me hiciste reir.

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