Ickey Woods Shuffles For Geico

As a Cincinnati Bengals fan (I know, I think THIS is the year they’ll win a playoff game), I feel obligated to write about this hilarious Geico ad. Ickey Woods was a running back who had a breakout rookie season in 1988, helping the Bengals to a Super Bowl appearance. Injuries prevented him from being a productive player after that though, and he was out of football by age 26. Ickey’s most lasting legacy is his signature touchdown dance, the Ickey Shuffle. And here, he celebrates getting some cold cuts with the Shuffle. Love it.

State Farm: Hans And Franz Do Their Best To Pump Up Aaron Rodgers

Hans and Franz were classic Saturday Night Live characters portrayed by Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. Although I was a little too young to remember the sketch when it was actually on, it was so popular that it stayed in the collective consciousness for a long, long time. Now State Farm is has a commercial featuring Hans and Franz pumping up the ever-unexcited Aaron Rodgers. I think this one is a lot funnier than last year’s SNL throwback, featuring the Superfans. State Farm has really gotten a lot of mileage out of Aaron Rodgers and the catchy Discount Double Check.

Cats Go Crazy For Temptations Tumblers

This one is a lot of fun to watch. The fact that Temptations Tumblers are in ball form and you might throw them to your cat makes the whole sports vibe of the spot feel natural. Great visuals too.

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