Three Years Of Commercial Society

Three years ago, I started this blog. I’m not going to be pretentious and go on about how “it changed my life” or whatever, but I’ve enjoyed working on it. I know I’ve been kind of bad about posting lately, and I’ll try to do it more often. But today, I wanted to put the first post I ever did on here. It’s interesting because I can see how my writing style has evolved (I used to have a bad habit of explaining everything in my writing, as if my readers were idiots). And I can also remember what the blog looked like when I was just starting out…before I had a vision of where I was going or what I wanted it to be like. So here’s the first entry: “DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies: The Best Idea Ever”, written on April 28, 2011.

These guys remind me of JD and Turk from Scrubs.

It’s been a few months since the introduction of DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies, and honestly I’m stunned nobody had started it sooner. The Consumerist reports that Nestle’s recent purchase of DiGiorno from Kraft allowed this beautiful marriage to happen. Also new from DiGiorno is its Pizza & Wyngz box, complete with the obnoxious spelling that suggests regular wings are too uncool for the kiddies.

Looking at the consumer base of frozen pizza, two stand out for me. One is busy families with children. The other is drunk/stoned collegians. Being more familiar with one than the other (guess which one?) I can say it’s brilliant. As an aside, I’m surprised you don’t hear about more kitchen fires occurring in college apartments. College students are often intoxicated and thus forgetful, inexperienced in the kitchen, and living in hilariously crappy dwellings.

So how do Pizza & Cookies stack up? Kelley from The Impulsive Buy gives it a good, but not great rating. But at 2 AM on Saturday night, I’m thinking the rating goes up exponentially.

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  1. jrdrop says:

    Congratulations on your three year anniversary!

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