The 2013 Joshys: Just Missed The Cut

Here we are near the end of the year, and so it’s time for the 3rd edition of The Joshys. In previous years, I avoided an overdone top 10 format, and instead went with some more interesting awards and categories. This year, I’m doing a top 10. Whatever. As always, the only requirement is that I must have written about each ad for it to appear on the list. That means some qualified candidates (The Epic Split and Camp Gyno, for example) didn’t make it. Before diving into the best of 2013, I’m going to mention five commercials that just missed the cut. These aren’t in any particular order.

Foot Locker’s “All Is Right”

I have a special appreciation when people are able to poke fun at ridiculous incidents from their past.

Coca-Cola: Here’s To Falling

An extremely cute and innocent ad about two young people “falling” at a Six Flags. The great “here’s to falling” tagline would prove unfortunate months later when a woman fell to her death off a Texas Six Flags roller coaster. Apparently, the ad was still being played in movie previews days later. Oof.

New Era’s Jackie Robinson Tribute

A quiet, classy, and moving tribute to an American hero.

GoPro’s Kitten Rescue

Oh man. This one made me so happy when I watched it, and then so bummed when I did a little digging into the aftermath. Nevertheless, it’s great work.

Honda’s Hands

I had kind of forgotten about this Honda ad, so I had to watch it again. Very simple and very compelling.

Coca-Cola’s Commercial From Argentina Chronicles The Ups And Downs Of Parenthood

I don’t have any kids, so I can’t say that this new Coca-Cola commercial from Argentina is accurate. But judging from the rave reviews it’s gotten about the fun and not so fun (albeit sometimes hilarious) parts about parenthood, I think they’re on to something. The ending with the change in facial expressions is particularly poignant.

Pantene Addresses Workplace Gender Issues In This Spot From The Philippines

I post a lot of different ads on here, but this Pantene commercial from the Philippines is one of the most thought-provoking I can remember. It’s been out for a month, but has received a lot of coverage quite recently. It tackles the dichotomies of how men and women are viewed and treated differently for identical workplace behaviors. A male boss is just a boss, a female boss is “bossy.” It’s very well-done, and the pretty cover of “Mad World” is a great choice as backing music. The connection to Pantene is a little tenuous, but the real-life implications make this one stand out as more memorable than a straight commercial.

Tuesday Throwback: Southwest’s Wanna Get Away?

Awkward situations…we try our best to avoid them, but they happen. When they happen, we often feel like we wanna get away. And thus was the basis of Southwest Airlines’ hilarious “Wanna Get Away?” campaign. There were so many funny spots, but I’ve picked out two of the best. The first, which I believe might have actually been the first in the campaign, involves woman’s tragic accident involving her friend’s bathroom cabinet. You know you’ve done the same thing without the same results. The second hearkens back to the early days of Nintendo Wii and flatscreen TVs. These ads work not only because of hilarity ensuing, but also because Southwest’s cheap flights really get to the point that you could indeed make a quick getaway for a low price.

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