Those Annoying Honda Hashtag Commercials

I used to hate Twitter, but over time, it’s become one of my most visited sites. It’s great for breaking news and to get a pulse on what’s happening in the world. Still, I find myself annoyed by constant tweeters (I don’t need to know EVERY detail of your life) and overuse of hashtags. For some reason, the word “hashtag” just bothers me. Incorporating real tweets is a somewhat interesting and interactive strategy, but I find these new Honda ads to be quite smarmy. “Hands” it is not. And in case you were wondering, the female dealer in the first spot is played by Jen Drohan.


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53 Responses to Those Annoying Honda Hashtag Commercials

  1. knifeandrun says:

    Omg I hate these commercials, it pisses me off when commercials talk about hashtags.

    • Richard says:

      I agree, it’s so annoying it makes me want to NOT buy a Civic

    • Floyd says:

      If I even considered buying a Honda this commercial definitely convinces me to forget it. Surely someone in power at Honda sees the stupidity of this commercial.

      • Chris says:

        As least another commentator provided a great guess for the mystery final word in the “stupidcar” episode. I, too, think it’s ‘dee-ahl!’ like in ‘deal.’ She says deal in her prior sentence and the narrator follows with a sentence about deals. I think deals are the focus of this Honda ad campaign. Mystery solved. It’s ‘deal.’

  2. Carroll says:

    I’m embarrassed for that chick to have to do that.

  3. gamerbabe says:

    I hate awkward and annoying commercials. It is absolutely embarrassing for that chick in the commercial or any person in society to act that way and think it’s cool. Take a lesson from KFC and their Super Bowl game day bucket go boom chick Honda; that stuff doesn’t sell and does nothing more than annoy the public. What a waste of money!

  4. Jon Wheeler says:

    The person/people who ‘invented’ the hashtag especially HONDA people out to be terminated! enough said. #STUPIDMARKETINGPLOY

  5. Those stupid commercial annoy me so much that i had to come here and vent it out – they’re annoying!!!! goodness sakes, someone yank it off the air.

  6. MMAN says:

    What is it that she’s saying? “Hashtag ?????”

  7. Scott says:

    That’s what I wondered too. And since when did it go from number sign or pound sign to hash tag?

  8. Nanette says:

    I am so sick of hearing these commercials. I think that they are giving Honda the worst impression that anyone has ever had.

  9. flyin-nurse says:

    Just who exactly is their market demographic?? These hashtag commercials make me nauseous & embarrassed for the female actress. How old & educated (or not!) are we acting?? It makes her look stupid. It must be the same target demographic that can’t find jobs! Do they “hashtag” during the interview? Good lord. Make them stop!! Please!!

    • joebob says:

      Isn’t that what most white people do? They try to imitate other people’s cultures? That’s why the commercial is funny, because it’s poking fun at how stupid white people look when they try to be “hip”.

      • propert says:

        but not stupid enough to be so insulted as to never drive a honda. most hashtag users won’t want to identify with this commercial (even if they really could)

  10. BS says:

    Being 60 years old I have no clue what hash tag means… but it looks gang related to me. Do they drive Honda Civics???? I’ll bet my retirement they don’t and know one else will want to now either. Maybe they (advertisers) could also use Rush Limbaugh as a advertising platform. Could they be any more stupid. Very annoying. DANGER, HONDA, DANGER.

  11. cwm says:

    I am over 60, know what hashtag means, can’t stand this commercial. It is one of the dumbest I have seen. I now mute my tv when I see it coming. This would STOP me from buying a Honda!

    • Julie says:

      This commercial is hilarious! Stop being so up tight and just change the channel if you “hate” it so much. #Yeeeaaah

      • Jill says:

        Julie must be about 14 years old and not old enough to drive. Hahahahaha

      • youwish says:

        hilarious?? come on

      • Joe Gandy says:

        youwish – Could you just tell me what the hand signal at the end means? ….and one other thing; what does she say at the end. No one seems to be able to understand it. Is this ad aimed at a micro portion of the population? Thanks for any clarification.

    • Jean McFadden says:

      I agree. The commercials are annoying and make me want to avoid Honda products. Very happy not to be in their target market!

  12. Larry says:

    hashtag obnoxious hashtag commercial hashtag get rid of it.

  13. Lucy Warner says:

    I’m not into hashtags either, but I do think the one commercial with the “cute dealer” really is cute, and so is the actor. The woman who does the marshall arts shout is not cute, and I wonder why they put that one on the air. I do drive a Honda, and it has proven to be a very good car, so I’ll forgive their commercials.

  14. Cathy says:

    Stupid car commercial represents the associate as unprofessional.

  15. John says:

    I detest this annoying, insipid and stupid commercial. I will never buy a Honda product. I hate the hashtag word, it looks more like the icon we used to denote pounds way back when

  16. bcat79 says:

    There is noting worse than when older people get together and try to make young commercials, wear young clothes, or act too hip. Like when Al Roker and Matt Lauer round table what is trending now. It smells desperate. Getting back to the commercial…The hashtag wasnt so bad, but the hand signals were just plain stupid and cringe worthy

  17. Yes the word hashtag in itself is SO cheezy & annoying. Hashtag this, hashtag that, accoring to Honda. Sorry, Honda, its not that cool! Its become like its really trendy if you say hashtag! WTF?? (Its NOT) I find the word totally annoying. If it was “pound” (less syllables actually!) maybe it wouldnt be so bad. But I’d like to kick in the package whoever renamed the pound key that lame, nauseating word!!! And yeah Honda thinks they are all cool & hip overusing it bc it is the thing to do in 2013. Those commercials ARE cheezy & LAME!! Maybe it will go away in 2014???

  18. Joe Gandy says:

    Looks like the girl is a gang member wannabe

  19. Jill says:

    I can’t stand this commercial. It is so annoying. My husband and I had to google what this stupid hash tag thing means. We will never hash tag anything because of this commercial. LMAO.

  20. Chris says:

    What IS the last word she says?!? Others have asked here earlier, but does anyone have a guess? That annoys me as much as the whole campaign.

  21. Mike C. says:

    Guess Honda dosn’t care or thinks our opinion(s) of these totally stupid “hashtag” commercials make a difference! I will never purchase anytyhing involving a stupid fad, especially this “hashtag” insanity that apparently is driving everyone up a wall! Get you’re head out of you’re #$%& Honda! It isn’t cute OR cool.

    • Joe Gandy says:

      I believe they replaced the offending (to me) commercial. I haven’t seen it for a full 24 hours, but have seen others that mention “Tweet”, but not the hashtag or signing thingys. Perhaps they heard?

  22. Hashish says:

    I think the girl wants sex -hashtag style

  23. Julie Squires says:

    I HATE these commercials. Stupid and annoying. Did I mention stupid? Oh, and why did they put all the brown eye shadow on the guy salesman? I change the channel when I see these commercials.

  24. thedebster says:

    I’m 54 and refuse to use Twitter, but the hashtag, to me, is more of an IT symbol, so don’t have an issue with hash as opposed to pound. However, while I am a Honda girl, these commercials are ridiculous! I, too, would love to know what that woman is saying at the end! “Hashtag Geo?????” Ick.

  25. Sheer says:

    I cant stand any of these commercials, but the one with the “cute dealer” is NOT cute at all!
    His face reminds me of the troll dolls from the 90s. Just put a tuft of colorful hair on his head and he is the living replica of a troll doll.

  26. Chick says:

    I can not stand to watch the Honda “hashtag” commercials. The “cute dealer” is weird looking and is dressed like a dork. They make me not want to buy a Honda. Very annoying commercial.

  27. JJ says:

    The guy in this Honda commercial looks like a garden gnome! I mean like they did his makeup to look like one!

  28. Judy says:

    I once owned an Accord and loved it, but these commercials are so-o-o. annoying that I may never consider another one. Wake up Honda, you are turning off old people AND young people.

  29. Judy Harl says:

    Just stupid. All commercials are ignorant. Also toaster strudel is dumb with that kid in it

  30. Sam says:

    The new Honda commercial uses the same two tones to start the spot. They have conditioned us to look at the tv to see if it’s that damn annoying commercial. We’re Pavlov’s dogs!

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  32. Becca says:

    Thank you! I hate those unfunny and annoying Honda commercials too. Who thinks this crap is funny? I have owned Hondas for decades. They a great cars but get a better advertising campaign!

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