Tuesday Throwback: Staples Goes Back To School

It seems a little crazy since it’s only July 10th, but back to school sales are already in full swing. But with the trend of schools starting earlier in summer, I guess it makes some sense. All of this reminds me of a commercial that I grew up with: this Staples back to school ad. Made sometime in the mid-’90s, every year this spot appeared, it reminded that school was starting soon. It might actually still be on the air. Watching as an adult, it’s hilarious to see the juxtaposition of the gleefully dorky dad with the thousand-yard stare of the kids. The ironic use of “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” just adds to the fun. And a final thought: maybe I’m just looking through rose-colored glasses, but it seems strange now that going back to elementary/junior high/high school was such a drag. Compared to job hunting with a liberal arts degree in a crappy economy, that sounds positively swell.

staples back to schoolstaples back to school 2


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