Liberty Mutual Has Humans Suffering Funny Sports Related Accidents

A continuation of Liberty Mutual’s very popular “Humans” spot created by Hill Holliday, but with a sports theme. It’s been getting a whole lot of airtime during the NCAA Tournament (you can tell what I’ve been watching). Makes me laugh out loud. I think the football knocking over the grill causing the car to be engulfed in flames is the funniest one. The guy who threw the football has a priceless expression. Naturally, a commercial about the foibles of humans would contain the cheesy and likable “Human” by The Human League.


Tuesday Throwback: Sprite And Jooky Junk

I have a habit of remembering things from the past randomly, which is probably one reason I write Tuesday Throwback. At work today, I started thinking about the commercial with Jooky Junk. It took me a minute to recall that Jooky Junk was part of a Sprite ad campaign lampooning other soft drinks’ incentive programs, like Pepsi Stuff with the Harrier Jet (which interestingly enough was the subject of a dismissed lawsuit). The Jooky Junk spot featured hilariously silly prizes…a Jooky sock, Jooky halibut, Jooky sea captain, Jooky hornet’s nest, Jooky chainsaw, and best of all, a Jooky hernia belt!

Bonus video: YouTube also directed me to Sprite’s parody “Sun Fizz” commercial. Oh man. Amazing.

Axe Apollo: Bryce Drew’s Buzzer Beater Is Upstaged By An Astronaut

It’s that magical time of year again…March Madness. Brackets, Cinderellas, and most importantly, a reasonable excuse to start drinking at noon on a weekday. In 1998, Valparaiso University’s Bryce Drew hit a buzzer beater to upset Ole Miss. It was one of the most memorable moments in NCAA Tournament history, and now 15 years later, Bryce Drew is the head coach of Valpo, who will try to shock Michigan State. And now Axe Apollo has a new commercial capitalizing on this shot. It’s in a similar vein to Axe’s Super Bowl spot…meaning that the real action is amusingly overshadowed by an astronaut. Nothing beats an astronaut ever, apparently.

Oscar Mayer’s Brutally Honest Grandfather Is Awesome

A hat tip to Copyranter for this one. I find brutally honest old people to be charming, but some people aren’t big fans. In any case, the grandfather is hilarious with his unfiltered comments. And it’s interesting how Oscar Mayer managed to tie this into a statement about transparency.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Has A Very Real Baseball Spot

This baseball ad from Dick’s Sporting Goods has been out for more than a month now, but I didn’t know about it until reading this article on Adweek. Beautiful, cinematic work. I love the cut to black right as the pitch is delivered. It totally looks real and not like a commercial at all. And that can be a great thing.

Old Navy: Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Hot, Even In A Hoodie

A few weeks ago, I was taking a leisurely stroll in Manhattan when I saw a bus ad for Lifetime’s The Client List, which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt. Wow, I thought to myself. I hadn’t really thought about Jennifer Love Hewitt in a while, but she’s looking gooood. So to sum up, JLove= quite underratedly attractive. And here she is in an Old Navy commercial, cleverly titled “Jennifer Loves Hoodies.”


Party City’s Obnoxious “Mambo No. 5” Commercial For St. Patrick’s Day

’90s nostalgia is in full force, and I love the ’90s. But I’ve never found myself nostalgic for Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5.” So when this Party City St. Patrick’s Day commercial came on today, I rolled my eyes. Thankfully, it’ll only be on for another 10 or so days.

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