This Commercial Is Pretty Booking Memorable

It’s fine if you haven’t heard of I hadn’t either until I saw this commercial tonight. And there’s a very simple reason for that. is a travel site owned by Priceline based in Amsterdam that has been hugely popular in Europe, but isn’t a household name in the U.S. But now Booking is going for the American market, and this splashy spot created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam is an interesting debut.

It starts with the bombastic voiceover. And then something odd happens. With the line “you got it booking right”, the narration keeps using the word “booking” in place of a certain profanity. That’s a real attention grabber. The intentionally overdramatic acting is entertaining. It’s not an amazing ad, but it’s definitely memorable. And for a company trying to get a foothold in the crowded American travel market, it accomplishes the goal.

booking lobster


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46 Responses to This Commercial Is Pretty Booking Memorable

  1. melissa says:

    I think the commercial is offensive. Everything in our culture get more offensive every day. We are all becoming desensitized because of the garbage we allow the media to infiltrate into our homes.

  2. ZombieFrogHorde says:

    i think this was really funny.

    they didnt say one bad word and is anything but offensive. just good spirited fun.

  3. Jake says:

    @melissa, then change the channel.

  4. BT says:

    Melissa you obviously find everything offensive. Here’s hint, lighten up Francis

  5. Karla Darden says:

    I do not like the commerical……..I find it offensive……obvious play on words…….

  6. Karla Darden says:

    obvious play of words…….

    • Matt says:

      What is the matter with you people?? The name of the website means exactly what it is advertising. You baffle me. I’m offended at your lack of knowledge.

      an act of reserving accommodations, travel, etc., or of buying a ticket in advance.
      “the hotel does not handle group bookings”
      synonyms: reservation, prearrangement; More
      an engagement for a performance by an entertainer.
      “TV show bookings were mysteriously canceled”

  7. The company is European Based and truthfully this is very mild for that culture. Despite the commercial, has employed MANY in last 3 years. They will learn the sensitivity of the US market eventually, but for a first go at it, I’d say.. Funny. unique and kind of dorky, but it surely make you remember their name… Booking… I love the site! GO BOOKING.COM!!

  8. twenty-something says:

    I am annoyed at this commercial. Sounds like they are targeting a teenage audience. This does not make the company sound intelligent.

  9. VoiceVV says:

    I am also offended by it — so we can say the f word or something close to it — what does this prove? Grow up!! We can do better than this!

  10. ceedge says:

    This commercial is booking hilarious. I can’t booking wait for the next one!

  11. maryanne says:

    Does anyone know what the classical music used in this ad is?

  12. Riverside Chick says:

    Great ad- gets the job done!

  13. Shannyn says:

    It’s funny how people can get offended by the use of the word booking in this commercial, but we don’t get offended by “darn” in place of the f word, or “crud” in place of the s word. It still represents the same thing a bad word represents and in the case of the commercial, the word is actually quite positive. It amazes me how in this day and age people still haven’t realized words are just words. If YOU take it as offensive, then that means that YOU are thinking the worst of it. You misunderstand the intention and are thus offended by your own thoughts.

  14. maryanne says:

    I’ve now seen this ad many times in regular broadcasting and, for the life of me, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. It is funny, effective, and just slightly naughty, all so the viewer will remember the name “” Worked for me – I’d never heard of this company before but now remember it no prob…

    • Joe says:

      I’ll be remembering it just enough not to take my business there. Plenty of other options out there that don’t use offensive advertising. Like Jake’s comment up above “If you don’t like it change the channel”, isn’t that kind of against the point of advertising? If I was a TV station I would not want to play advertising that might potentially make people change the channel. And if you run an ad campaign that turns off even one potential customer, it should be considered a failure. There could have been plenty of other catchy ads that wouldn’t have stirred up controversy.

      • Mike. says:

        I agree with 100%
        I will never use them, The name will make very easy to remember NOT to use them,thankfully.

      • Carl says:

        Stop being such a booking pussy, how bout that Joe? Ooooohhhhh I’m soooooo “offended”, give me a break. If you’re an adult and get offended by profanity you’re a moron.

      • Marimba says:

        I find this ad offensive mainly because it’s boring and repetitive. I’d rather they actually used the profanity instead of being ‘clever’ and suggesting it. I used to use them but I think they’re treating us as if we’re moronic. I’m not 12.

  15. cranky1000 says:

    Jenni Blong is the blond wife in the commercial. She’s a great actress.

  16. JTAdmaker says:

    The commercial is a disgrace, a low point for Wieden and Kennedy, demonstrating an incredible lack of grace and sensitivity to the fact that many people would rather not be bombarded with evidence of just how low brow entertainment is willing to go to get your attention. Maybe Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam should move into the billboard business where they can assault our senses with an even greater degree of crassness.

  17. Terry Roloff says:

    totally agreee with you jtadmker

  18. Janet Seyfert says:

    I find it offensive for a totally different reason–using music from Mozart’s Requium (a mass for the dead) for marketing? Almost as bad as when Charmin used part of Handel’s Halleluia Chorus to sell toilet paper. And it’s a shame that TV viewers don’t recognize the music, one of the most profound musical pieces ever.

    • Nina says:

      THANK YOU, agreed! I think it’s terrible and offensive, as you said, when commercials use beautiful, emotionally affecting music (such as Mozart’s Requiem), especially in what’s supposed to be an amusing or relatively trite manner. They have no idea how offensive it is for people who have real and strong feelings for the music they use.

    • Keith says:

      Hmmm. I got turned on to the music of “Ludwig van,” specifically the 9th Symphony, from watching “A Clockwork Orange.” I guess it can work both ways.

  19. DannyMac says:

    I think I’m going to start a company and call it…..F’

  20. Joanna says:

    This is sad that in order to target audiences in the US they have to go with this. It’s insulting to my intelligence and for that reason I would never never “book” (cheesy) with them.

  21. Had I read your article before watching “All” of the commercials, I would not have made the connection between “booking” and the expletive you are insinuating. I think sometimes people look a little too hard to find something wrong in our society today. Now, I’m gonna be thinking about that expletive. Thanks Commercial Society. LOL, I had a pretty foul vocabulary before, and sometimes now.

  22. somedude says:

    Are you people insane? You actually find the use of the word “booking” here to be offensive? Lord this country is way too uptight.

  23. Papio Tom says:

    I thought they were using the word “booking” instead of the phrase “just plain”. I forgot uptight people hunt SO desperately for reasons to get irked. A TV ad? Sheesh. (Or is “sheesh” offensive, too, since I wanted to use a deity’s name?)

  24. n... says:

    Not to play Switzerland…. but if this company didn’t use the words, they would be a nobody. Yes, Media and companies go to far, and they do tear at the generational fabric of younger society. Don’t care what anyone else says… it does. If you don’t see that, than you yourself are delusional, and probably are part of the generations that are selfish in nature. Someday, you’ll see it. Regardless… this company was not the first, nor is the reason society is failing, so to simply blame them is silly. There will ALWAYS be someone else who goes “too far” in society’s mind. In which case, I recommend those whom are offended… simply “get used to” this type of advertising, unless you want the FCC/government controlling every aspect of our lives… which is not what our forefathers fought for.

  25. Rhonda says:

    Their latest commercial is even more offensive, they use violence in this one to get your attention. I guess this Euro company is playing on the assumption that the American market loves violence and bloodshed. Instead of showing victims being riddled with bullets, they use paintball and red ink to get your attention showing paintball shooters being shot in the chest and letting to die as red ink splatters all over their bodies and their faces in pain. Imagine being the parent of a child who was killed in a school shooting or the parent of child shot in a mall or movie theatre. It’s irresponsible and stupid as it invades my TV viewing. How is this commercial allowed , it’s not promoting travel or booking travel, it’s promoting more violence. Don’t use this company. We have choices to watch what we want in movie theaters and TV, but commercials like this are intrusive and should have a violence rating to pre warn so we can switch the channel.

    • wyrdotter says:

      You do understand paintball is a game, not real weapons and wounds, right? By your reasoning, we should have some kind of violence warning before showing a chess match since chess is, after all, highly stylized warfare with pieces removed from the board when they are killed. “as red ink splatters all over their bodies and their faces in pain” says WAY more about how your mind works than about the commercial; I’ve seen the ad in question and all it ever made me think of was some of the goofy “team-building” exercises that corporate types like to indulge in. Never once did I see the semi-erotic orgy of writhing wounded bodies it seems to evoke in YOUR imagination. Maybe it’s time for you to block all the channels on your TV except the most innocuous of kids’ programming, if you’re seeing bloody mayhem in every travel commercial.

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  27. Jeremy says:

    Just saw this advert, while watching TV with my kids, on day time television. I don’t usually care for this sort of thing but when my kids can see it and mistake it for profanity, then go on to copy it at school or with friends, I get into trouble. All for the sake of advertising for a holiday booking company? How do I report?

  28. Brad says:

    Is there a place where I can find the resorts & locations showcased on their commercials? (you know, the ones that aren’t greenscreened).

  29. Anthorny says:

    The advert is super-offensive. Super-offensive in an intentionally super-offensive way. The company needs boycotting like Thomas Cook.

    What’s their next advert going to be like?:

    “Can we go on holiday?”
    “No we can’t”
    {voiceover} “don’t be a booking can’t”

    The bad news is the ASA decided not to pull the ad. So we are subjected to this vile filth day in day out. If the ASA (an industry body so not independent) don’t pull it a) make sure you book with Expedia, Opodo, Lastminute or any other than travel website b) write to your MP complaining about the weakness of the ASA c) write to ITV as the offensive pre-watershed transmission contravenes their broadcast license.

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