Tuesday Throwback: Rachael Leigh Cook Is A Crazy, Kitchen-Destroying Heroin Addict

Anti-drug PSAs have been a part of the American commercial landscape for a while now. It seems hard to believe given recent developments, but at one time, marijuana was the main target. Of course, there were many other ads aimed at discouraging use of harder drugs with more harmful effects. Take a walk down memory lane, and let’s rediscover that drugs are bad, mmkay.

The second PSA from the “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” campaign (I’ll get to the first later), this one features Rachael Leigh Cook a year before she shot to semi-stardom for her role in She’s All ThatDefinitely a memorable one with her beating the shit out of that kitchen. Does anyone else find Rachael really, really hot in this spot? Rachael, you can whale on my kitchen anytime. Not like I really cook anyway.

The height of anti-drug hilarity. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles make smoking weed seem cool. In real life, nobody really offers pot like that (“Pot. You know, MARIJUANA.”) And how old is Joey? 8? Drug dealers are dorks! INEFFECTIVE!

One of the first commercials I remember. I probably asked my mom why the girl jumped into an empty swimming pool, but I don’t know if I got an answer. Nice ominous music touch at the reveal.

It would be impossible to write this entry without mentioning this absolute classic from 1987. One of the defining commercials of the ’80s. A simple 10 second spot with a clear message. Was it effective? Maybe. Was it memorable? Hell yes. And probably scared a generation of kids from frying eggs.

There are many other notable anti-drug PSAs that could be included. A possible Part 2?

rachael leigh cook

Sprint’s Holiday Singing Animals

Yeah, it’s been done before, but still pretty cute and definitely memorable. And this Sprint commercial is much less creepy than Walmart’s equivalent from last year.

Expedia’s Amazing “Find Your Strength”

In one word: waterfalls. Here’s more from Adweek.

Tuesday Throwback: Sony’s Shining Star

I was recently in a store, and heard a song that sounded familiar. The song was “Shining Star” by The Manhattans (who strangely enough, formed in Jersey City). The reason it was familiar is that I remembered it from a commercial maybe 10 years back. I wasn’t quite sure what the product was, but I thought it was something like a camcorder. A little Googling, and I found this…

First off, was 2003 that long ago? Because this commercial seems really dated (“Alright, let’s pop in the DVD.”) Definitely more of a ’90s feel. I guess Sony’s DVD Handycam was a pretty new thing back then. That said, it’s a totally cheesy and totally cute ad. Aww, teenage love. Aww, the bratty little sister. And a nice touch from the parents, maybe thinking about themselves in high school. This is the type of commercial that’s easily hateable, but I just can’t. I’m a bit of a softie.

The 5-hour Energy Pink Lemonade Song That Makes Me Want To Break Things

I’ve written about 5-hour Energy’s crappy commercials before, and here’s another addition. This just sucks. It’s nice that some of the proceeds go to breast cancer awareness, but still…awful.


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