Samsung: This Guy’s Wife Made Him A Video

I’ll admit that I’ve seen this one a few times without really paying attention. I like Samsung’s campaigns, but some of the spots tend to be too similar. But I just watched it and paid attention. Saucy. The wife’s eyebrow bounce is great. It’s burning up YouTube…more than 5.6 million views since being posted four days ago. The wife is played by Margaret Emery.

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4 Responses to Samsung: This Guy’s Wife Made Him A Video

  1. Nate says:

    What’s her name?

  2. docwatson223 says:

    seriously, SHE’S HOT!!

  3. Geri says:

    Help, I feel like I’m losing my mind! Shortly after this commercial aired I saw “something” on TV, which I assumed was another commercial (I wasn’t focused on the TV) as competitor’s response to Work Trip. It showed a couple people passing in an airport and their phones bumped, transferring video; then the inadvertent bump happened again with another device and possibly a 3rd time . . . and the next thing we see is the beginning of a personal video showing up on ALL the arrival/departure screens at the airport. I’ve tried to find this commercial or whatever it was, and can find NOTHING! I’m sure I didn’t imagine it, but I’m beginning to wonder. Can you help?

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