DirecTV’s Naked Shower Commercial

Funny spot, but very racy. I wonder how long this will be on the air. The guy’s annoyed brushing won’t get his teeth very clean. Also, I find it odd that this commercial is for Genie, DirecTV’s whole home DVR, but Genie is never mentioned by name.

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89 Responses to DirecTV’s Naked Shower Commercial

  1. I loved it. I think me and about 80% of all men have said this at one point to a girlfriend.

  2. Cindy says:

    This commercial is completely inappropriate, especially that it is being broadcast during family shows. Direct tv: you don’t have my business and after this you certainly will not get it. Please remove this commercial for your ad calendar ASAP and try to bring some dignity to your company.

    • Stu says:

      Just chill and get a life. Loosen up a little for pete sake! It is a funny and great commercial.

      • Kyle says:

        Agreed…..Cindy u sound like a fool, if ur sheltering ur family from that commercial, then ur kids are doomed.

    • Margaret says:

      I agree! I rarely watch TV, but tonight watched Big Bang Theory with my husband, and I couldn’t believe such a crude commercial would be on at 8:30 PM. The previous Directv commercials, like, “Don’t wake up in a ditch,” were hysterical. Why did they go this route?

      • ab576 says:

        So Margeret, a commercial in which physical violence takes place is fine with you but one in which a woman wears a towel and says the word “naked” is totally inappropriate? Interesting. I get you ad Cindy shower with a bathing suit on.

      • Rich says:

        Apparently you don’t watch much big bang…If you had you be complaining about the show rather than the commercial !

      • Kyle says:

        Ur just complaining to complain… Cut it out. Rich makes a great point and ab576 is probably right, u shower with a one piece swimsuit on

      • Juan says:

        I hate this commercial too. Idiots believe it can only be hated because she has a towel on but that’s actually the only part of the commercial I enjoyed. How interesting Kyle and Stuey assume it’s not liked because of the “nudity”. You clowns sound as judgmental as the people you ‘ve proclaimed as fools. And Kyle, why have you not only judged her, but her kids too? How nice to be so all-knowing.

    • Jack says:

      You are fucking stupid

    • Chad Eklund says:

      Cindy, blow it out your ass!

    • Bill Bixby says:

      I would make a comment about you being the sort of uptight woman the commercial is making fun of, but I’m leaning more toward the idea that no man has wanted to see you naked, and that’s really why you’re upset.

    • Dawn says:

      I love the commercial…the woman is just so cute and it sounds exactly like my boyfriend!!!

      • Delores says:

        I agree. Where have our sense of humor gone? People just want to get upset to be upset. Jeez. I also love their backyard commercial. Hilarious. I saw them in another commercial and I’m wondering if they are really married.

    • Dan says:

      Your such a whinny B

    • Martha J says:

      Cindy, I’m with you. I think women hate it and guys think it’s funny (although my husband hates it too). I think that most of the people who like it are single men.

      • Emillee says:

        My husband and I actually love this commercial. This is my favorite one out of them all, which their all hilarious!! Its got nothing to do with being a man or a woman for how you like this commercial. Its all about whether or not you have a sense of humor.

    • Peach says:

      You gotta be kidding me. If that offends you then why are watching TV at all?

  3. Lucy Ann says:

    This is totally inappropriate, and to air it during family sporting events reflects the morals of a company that does not deserve public support!

    • ab576 says:

      Wow, uptight much? It’s a woman stepping out of a shower wearing a towel. She says the word “naked.” Grow up and get over it.

  4. John says:

    Great ad Directv, I have never laughed so hard from a commercial. No need to listen to these comments from women who never get any… maybe thats your follow up ad spot, “don’t be a girl who never gets any, get directv” Jeez I’m a genius.

    • Yamanee says:


    • ab576 says:

      Haha, perfect!

    • Delores says:

      I don’t think its women who don’t get any who are complaining. Its the people who can’t laugh at themselves or with others. These are the same people who would complain if people said, “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. They are sourpusses, who aren’t ever happy. Whether they are getting any or not.

  5. Jim says:

    bunch of prude women posting on here, grow up

  6. Inappropriate and reflects bad morals, seriously? Gimme a break. I agree with Jim, grow up. It’s a woman in a damn towel for christ sakes. Do you honestly think your kids are going to get corrupted from some stupid commercial? Thats what highschool is for.

  7. Julie says:

    My thoughts exactly Jim, people need to lighten up. Kids who this is inappropriate for, don’t get it. The ones that do are old enough to understand. But my guess is these bunch of prudes are the type of overprotective, overreacting parents that I despise and who are ultimately ruining our country.

    • ab576 says:

      Couldn’t agree more Julie.

    • Delores says:

      And its not even about her coming out of the shower, as we’ve seen more in a Victoria Secret commercial. These people who are hating on this commercial are ping-ponging from saying naked to his attitude (which makes the commercial, BTW), and her wearing a towel coming out of the shower. Its all of those things and none of those things, because the problem is within.

  8. joshw24 says:

    Culture wars playing out on Commercial Society. Love it.

  9. Mitch Schafer says:

    I just want to know who this actress is, she looks familiar.

  10. jrd says:

    The commercial makes me uncomfortable.The look on the actor’s face and the way he says his line projects animosity. I prefer to see couples that appear to like one another.

    • Krisalis says:

      Agreed. It just creeps me out and I tend to skip this one. To be blunt: The guy sounds more like a rapist than a caring, understanding boyfriend.

      • ab576 says:

        A rapist? Please tell me you’re kidding.

      • mandiblesp00n says:

        Shit, a rapist…. Get real… Have you ever met a couple that get along 100% of the time? Every couple has animosity towards each other, in love or not…. It’s not a perfect world, I think it is refreshing to see “real” acting couples on TV!!!

    • Bill Bixby says:

      I’ve found these commercials to be refreshing. So many commercials these days are about, “Women are so smart and men are retarded and incompetent”. It’s nice to see the man get the last word once in a while, just for variety.

      Or, you could look at it in a positive light. They’ve clearly been together for a long time, and he’s expressing the fact that he’s still physically attracted to her. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing in a long-term relationship. Yeah, he’s an ass; but he’s such an endearing ass.

  11. Dale Skinner says:

    Weren’t they a married couple in a credit card commercial as well?

  12. Moogs says:

    My girl and i mess around at times reinacting this scene. Such a humorous commercial. Not for the faint at heart. Its a cruel world. Lets have sum fun ladies. Hahah

  13. Brian says:

    Best commercial on TV…and I normally fastforward them, not these! There is a series with this couple and I predict they become classics. Can’t wait to see how they follow it up at the Super nowl!!

    People need to lighten up, seriously. Don’t like it, turn the channel or FF it…really! If you like censorship go cancel your subscription, join a cult or find a secluded bush to crawl under.

    I’m a Directv customer and love their creativity!! And I’m against censorship…I manage what my kids watch, how bout you do the same!

  14. CJ says:

    The comercial makes no sense. It is stupid and the actors comments have nothing to do with direct tv.

  15. Heath says:

    All you morally righteoust people need to get a grip! Its not that biga deal. But I actually find this commercial very irritating & cheezy….the way the guy brushes his teeth like some psychopathic maniac is really annoying! And what about toothpaste? He came off like some mental case that was probably going to snap any minute. looked like violence might be breaking out any minute. And what does any of that have to do with a DVR?? VERY lame….

  16. cruz says:

    Does anyone know the actors name?

  17. sherry santiago says:

    I was wondering the same thing who is the actor who plays this part he looks familiar.

  18. nolf says:

    Shes in a Swiffer commercial, shes got a nice tush!

  19. Scott says:

    The guy is a complete dick. The acted relationship seems unnatural. The commercial also seems like it would be offending to women. How do they think of this crap during the planning phase? I think it is a commercial designed to appeal to 7th-grade equivalency.

    • ab576 says:

      Scott, you need to lighten up. You may not be aware of this but in many, many marriages the male complains about not having enough sex. This is a play on that. If you’re not mature enough to deal with it then you may want to stick with the Disney Channel.

  20. Rusty says:

    Does anybody else care that the image reflected in the mirror is backwards? If the screen display in the bathroom has a reverse image then it would reflect ‘normally’ in the mirror.

  21. Brenda Gale says:

    I’m a woman (last time I checked), and I LOVE this commercial!! No prudes here. A typically frustrated male just trying to get a glimpse of his typically out-of-reach wife. Poor guy…still wanting to know who this actor is!!

    • ab576 says:

      Brenda, I love you. I just wanted to find out who the actress was and found this website. It never occurred to me that this spot could be labels as racy or controversial. Thank you for being mature enough to not get offended like some people here.

  22. JonO says:

    I’m a single 24 yo male, and I think it’s pretty inappropriate to air this ad on channels/hours where kids are likely watching. Please, to the people defending it, tell me how you would explain this to a 12 year old girl if she asked? “Sometimes daddies and mommies like to see each other nakey” spare me. I don’t even have kids. As adults, we may think it’s humorous, but a corporation such as directv should be more responsible. Meh, you can’t please everyone I suppose. They will gain some customers and lose some. I’m one of the lost ones.

    • ab576 says:

      Jon, meet Scott. Scott, meet Jon. I think you’ll both be happy together. BTW Jon, no 12 year old talks like that. Guess what else, by 12 they’ve usually already started puberty so you’re a little late in the game if you haven’t told them about the birds and the bees.

  23. Matt says:

    If you find this commercial offensive or associate any strong emotion to it other than humor… you really need to get out more.

    On second thought, just stay home so the rest of us don’t have to deal with you. Also – don’t breed, because we don’t need more people who feel that the human body is something to be ashamed of and something which should be covered 24hours a day and never discussed.

    I mean the woman is wearing a towel! She is NEVER see and you can see more skin on a typical person wearing shorts and a tanktop than you can in this commercial. As to the relationship between man and woman it is mean to be humorous…. so develop a sense of humor or go away.

    • Juan says:

      Matt you are so smart, and funny. This commercial sucks. And if you believe otherwise maybe it’s you who needs to get out form in front of the TV.
      This has nothing to do with your crazy idea that your opinion matters as to who can have kids or not. This has to do with the bad dialogue and acting.
      I’m glad you like it, but sorry you feel so much hatred for those of us who don’t. Other than the good looking woman,this commercial is annoying as heck.
      You are as judgmental as the people you complain about for being so judgmental, and that makes you worse…

  24. Marshall says:

    Wow…are that guys gums bleeding yet?? Why doesnt he just take a car buffer to his chicklets! What a psycho….


  26. chippy569 says:

    I’ve seen two other commercials out of this “series” now, the first being the “father” and his “son” who can’t sleep. The son gets scared by the “dvr message” and the father says too bad. The newest is the father and mother getting ready for an evening and the “dvr message” is sitting on top of his pants, which haven’t been put on yet obviously. The mother suggests other pants, he says “but i like those pants” then she says “then wear no pants” and then he says “great, i’m ready to go, just waiting on you”

    I see the humor in it, but really… it seems like DirecTV is trying to appeal to men who are, or aspire to be, assholes. Not entirely sure if I were a company I’d want to market myself that way.

    • ab576 says:

      Or, it could be saying their product allows for a happier family. Remember, this family has a cable DVR and that causes them to fight a lot. Get it?

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  28. Ralonzo says:

    Speaking as an asshole, these spots rock.

  29. Robert Wells says:

    The wife is Gillian Vigman. “Well, when YOU and the other two people down the hall (cut to kids squirming in their room) try to record at the same time, this is what happens.,..” That sigh she gives him is an hour long rant condensed down to 1.5 seconds. These ads are brilliant!

  30. Jose says:

    Has anyone noticed that these two actors are portrayed as husband and wife in a Chase commercial for United Airlines??

  31. Jose says:

    I see…its because DirectTV and United Airlines are partnered.

  32. Josh says:

    GEEEEEZ! Could people just relax. All the commercials are emphasizing is that cable tv you can only record 2 shows at once and that causes “Fake” Turmoil in households. Dad can’t record his show bc his wife’s shows are recording. Mom is recording shows so kids can’t record theirs. I do think that it is a more Male driven ad. But come on, anyone with half a brain can see that this is a spoof commercial. It’s not trying to “degrade” women like some of you people are thinking. Grow up, every male in american isn’t trying to hate on you. People need to lighten up.

    I think the commercials are fresh and sell a product. Millions of people have cable TV and I’m sure many many people experience not being able to record more than two shows at the same time. They get people thinking about Direct TV in that they have the capability to record up to 5 shows at a time. And guess what… they got your attention!! So they won.. not you. Sure you may not buy their product but I bet you a ton of people will get direct TV bc now they can record more than 2 shows. They are selling a product in a comical way. If you get offended you are not mature enough or are not cultured in todays modern era.

    Also, honestly who cares if kids see it. If they are young enough they will have no idea what is going on in the commercial nor will they care “unless their parents make a big deal of it” they will not be even paying attention to the commercial. If they are old enough, they will know what it’s about and it “should’t” bother them. The commercial is not portraying, drugs, bad behavior, sex, alcohol, or promiscuous behavior. Your kids are gonna still grow up, go to college, experiment with drugs alcohol and unprotected sex if they see this commercial or not. Please grow up… it’s 2012.

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  35. joe says:

    she should have been in the kitchen

  36. Bath says:

    The couple in those Direct TV commercials should have their own sitcom!!! They are just so right together!!! I love it!!!

  37. john says:

    As a man raising two young boys I do not appreciate having to explain to my boys why you should never treat a woman the way the character treats the girl in the commercials and that any woman that takes that kind of treatment is very weak!

  38. really says:

    God people ITS a F-ing commercial god there is so much more to complain about in life. Homeless people should, tax payers should complain. But no you guys have to complain about a F-ING COMMERCIAL really.

  39. edward roth says:

    you people really need to stop being so sensitive.

  40. why does it matter? says:

    Do any of you complain about erectile dysfunction products being advertised at all times of the day?
    How about explaining those to your kids?

  41. Colleen says:

    I’m a 47year old married woman and I find this commercial, and all the others in the same series, to be hilarious. They crack me up every time. Inappropriate? There is FAR more objectionable material on the airwaves to complain about. Worried about what your kids watch? I’d be more worried about them watching “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” on The Learning Channel of all places, than this commercial. To me, they reflect the reality of a couple that’s clearly been together a good long while and get each other. Is he sarcastic as hell? Of course! THAT’S what’s so damned funny! Maybe sarcasm isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but most comedy (even classic comedy) is rife with sarcasm in varying degrees. Honestly! Lighten up people! It’s called a sense of humor! We should all endeavor to have one!! **By the way–I love the actors’ chemistry together and have seen them in the credit card commercial as well, which is what got me to wondering whether or not they could be married in real life. That’s how I found this thread, and boy was I surprised to learn there was an actual controversy brewing!

  42. Erin says:

    Husband and I both hate the commercials. We think it makes marriage and couples seem angry and bitter.

  43. frank says:

    The husband is a dis likable, brie eating idiot. Someone in Direct TV Advertising management needs to find a new job..

  44. StrayHound says:

    I think loveless marraiges were more of a late 80’s thing.

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