Google Chrome’s Sweet “Jess Time” Spot

I usually love Google’s videos, but I wasn’t a fan of Google Chrome’s lame Mark Potter commercial.  Judging from the fact that I got clobbered in the comments section, a lot of people did like it though. Luckily, Google is back on their game with this one. “Jess Time” tells the story of a daughter (Jess) and her father (Elliott). We learn that the mother in the family has recently died. Losing a parent seems like an incredibly tough matter…something I don’t want to think about. Even harder would be losing a parent soon before moving to college, a huge transition time. Through various Google Chrome applications, Jess and Elliott help each other adjust to life’s changes. Sweet, genuine, and just nice. The song is “Broken Chair” by Chris and Thomas. And Jess is played by Celeste Arias.

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7 Responses to Google Chrome’s Sweet “Jess Time” Spot

  1. Scott says:

    Nice review. I found this commercial incredibly touching. The makers a beautiful job of choosing to convey different pieces of information through different media, and choosing both what to say and what to leave unsaid. They told a moving story while conveying the power of their product.

  2. Af733 says:

    Who is this actress that plays Jess??

  3. India says:

    This commercial is SO moving I want to know these people!!

  4. ann adiar says:

    I love this commercial both for the way in conveys the relationship between father and daughter and the ability to keep communications going virtually! Wonderfully done and theatrically moving.

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