Subaru: A Cute Little Girl Helps Out Her Mom

I’m a fan of Subaru’s “Love” campaign. It’s just really sweet and well, nice. Here’s a few more from the “Love” campaign created by Carmichael Lynch. The first is “Take Your Daughter To Work” themed, and the second involves a familiar and supportive fan during a bike race. I don’t think these are as strong as some of Subaru’s other work, but still, they’re just very nice.

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3 Responses to Subaru: A Cute Little Girl Helps Out Her Mom

  1. markonit says:

    I agree… both were “nice” commercials… very good background noise and just what a small unobtrusive brand wants… subliminal impressions and the BAM! The consumer doesn’t realize that they are looking for the brand until they are out looking for it…

    • This commercial caught my attention a couple of weeks ago while I was watching CNN. I loved it! Since then I have been searching trying to find it on google. What a great commercial and a great car. I have owned 7 or 8 Subarus in my life.

  2. rosesrun says:

    Will you post the bike race commercial please?

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