That Ragu Commercial Where A Chubby Kid Walks In On His Parents

Somewhat random and uncomfortable, but pretty funny at the same time. I’m glad Ragu made this kid feel less traumatized.

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47 Responses to That Ragu Commercial Where A Chubby Kid Walks In On His Parents

  1. Emily says:

    Do you know who the musician is? Sounds like a country singer, but I can’t find it.

  2. Just saw this while watching the Olympics. We were laughing so hard we had to google it and watch it again. Thanks!

  3. MommaC says:

    Nothing teaches a kid to find comfort in food like something processes from a can!

  4. Isabel says:

    How low will we allow advertisers to go? Really.

  5. URWorthMore says:

    So how many kids have not walked in on their parents and are now wondering what this kid saw? And this is how far Ragu has to lower itself to sell spaghetti sauce?? Honestly, I don’t have cable TV anymore not just because of the garbage that is on TV but for the garbage that is on commercials. I see the humor in it as an adult, I don’t like the message it sends. It’s on during the Olympics, when families are watching. C’mon Ragu, you can do way better than this! (for those wondering, I saw it on the Internet, not on TV).

    • QuitWhining says:

      Oh shut up, already. I hate uptight, stick in the mud people like you. Loosen up & get the sand outta your vagina. It’s funny. Laugh. No kid is gonna think twice about this commercial. Stop whining & go get a little of what his parents were having, you overly conservative tight wad.

      I seriously hope prudes like yourself don’t end up getting Ragu to pull this commercial. There’s nothing wrong w/ it.

    • youareajoke says:

      If you don’t watch TV, why on earth are you watching commercials online and commenting on the “commercial society” website? Please give up on technology completely and disappear back to the Dark Ages. Maybe go burn some offensive books or censor some music on your way.

      • URWorthMore says:

        It amazes me how much liberals love to name call. We live in a free country that allows freedom of speech but somehow liberals believe that this only applies to them, when it pertains to their beliefs and their agendas. I have been told to shut up, stop whining (as if I was whining), get the sand out of my vagina (Wow! Now there’s some intelligent debating for ya!); called an overly conservative tight wad, a prude, and to give up on technology and not to comment on the “commercial society” because apparently I am not allowed to do this because I don’t agree with you. How ridiculous.
        I will not be writing any letters to Ragu, or attempting to pull their commercial, you can have your precious commercial all you want. I was simply exercising my right to speak freely. I didn’t call anyone any names, or put anyone down. My concern is for families who will have to explain things to their young children who are too young for this topic. Incidentally, I went into the “dark ages” and stopped watching TV when former President Clinton made “oral sex” a common word on the news! I am not a prude but it is my job to protect the innocence of my children! It’s called responsible parenting.

      • David Troy says:

        @URWorthmore, and yet you are free to call them “liberals”. I guess name calling only counts if you don’t approve of the names. No one is stopping you from your “free speech”. Yet you bitch about theirs. Apparently YOU think free speech is ridiculous if YOU don’t like it.
        And you gave up technology because of the words “oral sex” AND YOUR NOT A PRUDE!

        Heres a clue. Unless you’ve alo locked your children in a cave and fed them through the bars, they already know about “oral sex”. Better you explain it to them and put your own spin on it so others won’t, which they already have. In this you have FAILED big time. They are NEVER to young to learn and always to learn from YOU not others. Shheeesh.

        The bad part of this commercial you don’t even seem to be worried about. The message that food will make everything better. That’s the message you should be bitching about.
        Bottom line, hiding or keeping knowledge from anyone is always the wrong thing to do. Truth is liberating and freeing. When you have the opportunity to teach and influence, why oh why would you wait and allow others to do the job for you? YOU ARE FAILING YOUR KIDS. Don’t come back and say I think your kids are a failure. Read what I said. YOU ARE FAILING THEM if you don’t teach and influence them your way they will be taught and influenced but other. Hiding the real world from them is a guarantee they will get it from sources you do not approve of. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    • Nannerz says:

      And she watched! Garbage…why? Do u want ur children to lookup and watch garbage too?

  6. 4Boys says:

    You know it’s wrong when your 18-year old son says, “They have crossed the line.”

  7. Tim says:

    I think this one is superbowl material!

  8. Martha Nethers says:

    Yes, lets have an already fat kid find comfort in food.

  9. mark smith says:

    I remember what my grandfather said to me once….I’m going upstairs to “f’ your grandmother.

  10. Shaun says:

    wow, I have worked in marketing and understand the whole “sex brings in the $” thing but really? Bringing a kid into it is really pushing it a bit far, and your trying to sell something wholesome? Epic FAIL Ragu!

  11. Rick E says:

    Funny but television inappropiate.

    • roslyn says:

      Aside from the fact that this product coming from a jar? There is no parent figure preparing,much less supervising a young child boiling water to make pasta.

  12. Karen Piechocki says:

    This commercial is not only uncomfortable and awkward, but what on earth does it have to do with selling spaghetti sauce. Kids can have a rough day at school or at a soccer game that is what kids relate to, but parents of young children should not have to explain your take on a kids “rough day”. You should be ashamed and embarrassed as a company if this is what you believe America wants to see!! Although I really like your product and used it quit often, I will no longer purchase it.

  13. mark smith says:

    What a bunch of up tight dingbats.

  14. mark smith says:

    My p***Y hurts…and not from being used,bunch of cackling hens.

  15. andydbrown says:

    This is a hilarious commercial. Nothing inappropriate here at all (and I am a very conservative person!) as you don’t see or hear anything going on. The expression on the kid’s face and the situation lets you know what happened but a kid could watch this and have NO idea of what the commercial is even saying. Thanks for sharing. I clicked on this from the wordpress “Top Posts” page which says it all! 🙂

  16. JimVA says:

    I’ve seen better. Not sure this will move Ragu sales.

  17. Mikelle says:

    Its not necessarily “inappropriate” because they do not show anything, but its just unnecessary. Why does society think we need to stoop to sexual humor to be funny, or even sell products. But yes, compared to the rest of the media, this commercial is harmless. It’s just sad what we find socially acceptable nowadays.

  18. says:

    I will now buy Ragu!!! This is hilarious.

  19. sukie584 says:

    it is an absolutely hilarious commercial.. this country is so filled with uptight self righteous prissy people.. Ragu would jump out at me on the shelves just thinking of that kids face.. but I make my own sauce.. 🙂

  20. ŧhl¡£_wå§_h£r£_ says:

    This commercial was funny as hell! I know how he feels walked on on my grandparents once

  21. very funny says:

    Very funny. My 10 yr old and I watched it…I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my seat. My daughter couldn’t understand what was so funny, even though she walked in on once.

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  23. this commercial made me laugh, even though it took me a moment to reel from the shock! i loved it! shared your post on facebook!

  24. Marc says:

    Okay, I’m a 20-something male and – though I understand why this is funny to some – the commercial doesn’t make sense. I understand awkward humor, but when you’re producing a commercial, you actually have to know what you’re doing when incorporating that “awkward humor”.

    In this case, it’s a dud. I mean, think about it: Hey, son, we know you caught us having sex, so instead of talking about what you saw (i.e. “where babies come from”), let’s just stuff your face with food. We know you’re on the chubby side and can afford to loose some weight, but – hey – let’s avoid you learning “the facts of life” for another couple years. Why not? Here, son, have some more Ragu on your pasta.

    Seriously? Once again, I appreciate humor that is purposefully awkward, but the way it was executed in this commercial was an epic fail.

  25. Joseph Adessa says:

    Barilla pasta rather do a commercial where a little girl comes in the bathroom to wash her hands only to find her older sister having some sexy alone time while bathing in a manner not unlike June from Apartment 23.

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