The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie And The Baconator

This seems like something of a fantasy for many of my blog’s readers. The already extremely popular Morgan Smith Goodwin is back in a new Wendy’s commercial for the Baconator, the burger that doesn’t waste time on un-manly filler like vegetables. Ohh, and now the Son of Baconator for smaller appetites! Nice!

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18 Responses to The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie And The Baconator

  1. markonit says:

    She is so adorably cute!! And she is the kind of girl that a cat would not mind watching either the football game with OR reading “50 Shades of Grey” with!!

  2. Dennis says:

    Who is that red head cutie? Is she single ?

  3. Wayne Deja says:

    This girl has got to be the cutest thing in all the World !!!!..The way she talks is adoreable !!

  4. And, here I thought I was alone in thing she was like too cute at 2:45 am… I think my Molly Ringwald fixation had been lifted 😉

  5. Jack NFL says:

    This woman is like a virus. She’s in every commercial airing right now. She has got to go.

  6. Alice Salsbury says:

    I don’t know, her whole way of talking just rips off Sam from iCarly.

  7. mark says:

    looks like allysa hennigan…

  8. Anna says:

    Her hair is way too bright orange you almost need sunglasses to look at her. And I agree that her persona is ripped off from other characters on TV.

  9. D.J says:

    she reminds me of a girl i went to school with back in the late 60’s

  10. Greg says:

    Too cutesy smug and smarmy

  11. Minnie Akparook says:

    I despise this woman!!!!! She’s talking down to you!!!!

  12. kevin varmette says:

    Man. What a cutie!!! Never hung out with a redhead…but I would hang out with her! All the way out har har har……

  13. David Lee Flatt says:

    She’s hot, love to see her more

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