Axe Says Fear No Susan Glenn

I remember when Axe first came out. I was a senior in high school and they had wildly over-the-top commercials. We weren’t idiots…we realized these were exaggerated ads. But maybe there was something to them. Axe certainly wouldn’t make all woman instantly mount us like animals, but maybe it would make us smell good. Pretty soon, everyone at school was using Axe and it became wildly popular with teenagers nationwide. Looking back, the early Axe commercials haven’t aged too well, but it’s easy to see the appeal to the young male demographic. They were the ultimate in wish-fulfillment advertising for horny teenage boys.

As I got older, I switched to more “grown-up” deodorant, stopped watching MTV, and consequently didn’t see or hear about Axe as much. But this new Axe commercial from BBH New York is just…exquisite. I can’t think of a better word to describe it. It starts with a voiceover from an adult man. It’s wistful, but with a noticeable twinge of regret. He’s remembering Susan Glenn (played by Jessica Cook). Susan Glenn is different, you see. She’s not just a girl…she’s THE girl. As wonderfully artistic shots flow, we hear more about Susan Glenn. And then we see who’s speaking, it’s Kiefer Sutherland (or is it Jack Bauer?) Susan Glenn was the one that got away. It seems like we all have at least one that got away. Would Axe have gotten her? Maybe, maybe not. But the commercial is more about attitude…about how boldness can help you get the things and people you want. You don’t want to look back with regret. Awesome. Fear no Susan Glenn!

7/31 update: There’s also an official Fear No Susan Glenn website.

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2 Responses to Axe Says Fear No Susan Glenn

  1. King Titan says:

    This is a good Axe Commercial and it deserves an A+ for it’s story on the likes of Susan Glenn, however I should not fear her for many reasons. She was not the one who I saw perform “Work with me, Annie ala Esther Stanley” at the indoor aquatic center with her letterman beau. She was not the one who took me to a funeral home and left me in a room with a dead, black girl in a casket. She was not the collector I saw in April, 1962 on Weber & Cleveland Ave. with an almost new, shiny 1952 Henney-Packard Hearse showing me inside the hearse & dressed in an outfit where Esther Williams meets Charles Starkweather (Dressed in a white swimsuit & a black motorcycle jacket.) Nor tried to kill me with a demonic powered, 1957 Plymouth Fury in the fall of 1963 to start a racial war. I never met her in the middle schools and high schools where I attended & neither the likes of Matt Wagner who did “Mage” had a Susan Glenn as a supporting role in his comic book series & carried an enchanted baseball bat and drove a 1959 Edsel Corsair & made his hero from a chump to hero. I have no personal encounter with the likes of Susan Glenn & for 57 years as a mortal has not met the likes of Susan Glenn. When the day comes when a female soul collector comes for me in her 1952 Henney-Packard Hearse dressed like Esther Williams meets Charles Starkweather (White swimsuit & black motorcycle jacket) it will not be Susan Glenn.
    Signed, King Titan

  2. Marko Braditch says:

    Whats the chicks name in the astronaut commercial

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