State Farm Doesn’t Think You Should Believe Everything On The Internet

That State Farm Pocket Agent App looks pretty cool. The girl is quite attractive…looks kinda like Michelle Beadle (it’s actually Mariel Booth). And it’s another commercial case of an online dating doofus guy. He’s got a fanny pack! He’s not really a French model! But I bet this ad would be panned if the woman was the defective one…

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41 Responses to State Farm Doesn’t Think You Should Believe Everything On The Internet

  1. Damon says:

    State Farm…you’re commercials are so much better! Love it.

  2. Patrick Burke says:

    I was streaming the TV commercial off the internet when I saw it.

  3. Joshua M Morgan says:

    whoes the actor playing the friend model?

  4. A Rodd Parks says:

    Is that the actor who portrayed Michael on the television show Good Times?

  5. Galloway says:

    I thought she was Cameron Diaz.

    • Vortex119 says:

      She is a Cameron Diaz look-alike with a girl next door sweetness and naive nature. The “French model” is a known comic/actor.

      • Molly Ryan says:

        I agree, she is very sweet and it is exactly her naivete and sweetness that give this commercial it’s appeal.

    • Molly Ryan says:

      Honestly, did you truly believe that an A list actress (whether she deserves to be deemed one or not) is going to appear – uncredited, no less – in an insurance commercial??

      • Molly Ryan says:

        This actress also appears to have a VERY slight speech impediment, which, to me, enhances that endearing quality she has. I hope this State Farm ad advances her career as she is a totally refreshing change from a lot of what seems to be out there.these days.

  6. Natoya says:

    What is the actor name with the cell phone?

  7. Ok so like she says she didn’t think State Farm had apps like that and he says where did you hear that and she says the internet…who reads articles on the internet about how State Farm DOESN’T have certain apps or features?

    • Scruffs says:

      You know this is a really good point. Normally people go online to find out what apps an insurance company would have rather than not have.

  8. jan says:

    she looks a little like nicole richie.

  9. Philipe Crabb says:

    This commercial perpetuates the “dumb blonde” stereotype AND the recent trend of Smart Black People/Stupid White People.

  10. Eric says:

    It’s a dumb commercial for a few reasons. At the beginning, the girl walks down the steps of what presumably is her home. Did she not hear the accident happen? And as she walked up to the man playing with his phone, asking what he’s doing, does she fail to notice the accident? He sure is awfully calm for someone who’s just been in an accident. The image on his phone shows two cars at an intersection, but there doesn’t appear to be an intersection where the car is. Why does she not introduce her friend to the French model, at least by name? Does State Farm’s ad agency assume their potential customers are all stupid and will think the stereotypical dumb blonde joke is funny enough that they can overlook the mistakes? Guess so, because some people actually like the commercial…

  11. rebecca says:

    The “French model” may be considered ugly by some…but he makes me laugh so hard with that “Bonjour”….I think he’s hot ; )

    • Laura says:

      I think the French model smirk and Bonjour is cute. The guy with the phone was pretty stuck up. The girl seemed nice. Why does she have to like the insurance anyway? Maybe she has a better insurance. It is one of my favorite commercials ONLY because of the way they turn around a smirk. They seem really happy too, so who’s to judge them? I almost want him to do a pimp nod! lol. 🙂

    • Laura says:

      I think he’s hot too. 🙂

    • Robin says:

      Hot? To each his own – but seriously, what is up with his E.T. fingers???

  12. My gut reaction to this commercial is that state farm thinks women are stupid. Plain and simple.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Well, if you make a gross generalization about State Farm and their opinion of women based on a single FICTIONAL commercial, how smart can you be ?

  13. Debi McCoy says:

    I have NO love for State Farm! My dad was an agent and my goal was to take over his agency when I graduated from college. When the time came, and after several interviews with various managers, I was not given an agency because, at the time, State Farm was only giving agencies to black women, black men and a third minority…in that order! I became an agent for Farmer’s Insurance Group…I LOVE their commercials…and I am no longer an insurance agent for anyone but myself. SELF INSURE, if you can…insurance companies are corrupt!

  14. Vincent says:

    Just jacked to this commercial

  15. Kraggen says:

    As an online merchant I would like to thank state farm for driving customers away from the internet with the “you can’t trust the internet” BS

  16. SHONTELL says:

    Who is the actor Mike in the Bonjour State Farm commercial?

  17. Hugh Schumpert says:

    People are getting tired of this corny & stupid tv commercial, please find something else to replace it with. Thanks

  18. Chris says:

    Darrell sheets from storage wars is the French model

    • erin says:

      He is far from ugly people should not call others ugly cause he is beautiful inside and out..just saying things like that about people makes u the ugly one..

    • erin says:

      Prime example of how u cant believe all u hear on the Internet because u r wrong on that one..Google it not that hard but the actor is named eric and he is a very funny comic check him out on funny or

  19. Ray Montee says:

    The cute little blond with all of her innocence showing, draws me like a magnet to the State Farm commercial each time I see it. WHAT is HER NAME? WHERE does she call home?

  20. pandaboo says:

    every time it comes on the tv i say the words at the very same time my parents say i watch too much tv

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