The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie Is Now Slinging Berry Almond Chicken Salads

Morgan Smith Goodwin, everyone’s new favorite fast food spokeswoman, is back in a commercial for Wendy’s Berry Almond Chicken Salad. She is reliably redheaded, cute, and perky. The woman she’s helping is played by Dixie Perkinson. As for the salad, it looks tasty and summery (most Wendy’s products are high-quality), but fast food salads still strike me as a little strange. It’s good to have healthier choices, but in the times I’ve been at fast food places, I’ve rarely seen them ordered. The price points are also high…$6.49 for a salad?

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6 Responses to The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie Is Now Slinging Berry Almond Chicken Salads

  1. carl weisman says:

    Do you think she learned to do Terri Garr for this role? Or has she been doing it from childhood?

  2. Damon says:

    I don’t know who she is…I don’t care about the salad. I just want to toss her salad and bury my veiny meat stick in her birth hole.

  3. My God!!!! You are so cute!!!

  4. James Owens says:

    I like Ms. Morgan Smith Goodwin’s way of coming out informative, and her perkiness is infectious, “now that’s better”, how cute, and did i mention, she’s easy on these old eyes?

  5. Goose says:

    Yes, Morgan is hella cute whose perkiness (ala Terri Garr/Alyson Hannigan) is perfectly matched for Wendy’s. I just hope she remains the way she is now and not be horribly reinvented.

    Remember Carly Foulkes, the T-Mobile Girl? At one time, she was also everyone’s favorite bubbly female spokesperson. But she went from pink dresses and perkiness to black leather and not saying squat. Now, Carly has been taken off the T-Mobile ads completely.

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