Gold Bond’s Jimmy Bond

One of the worst parts about summer is the uncomfortable feeling of sweating/chafing in your nether regions. Gold Bond products can be a life saver with these problems. And now Gold Bond has an amusingly goofy spokesman: Jimmy Bond. I wonder if his real name is James? Jimmy Bond also doles out advice to trouble-footed sandal lovers and nervous grooms. This stuff works!


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8 Responses to Gold Bond’s Jimmy Bond

  1. Sarcasmo says:

    Lame character and corny commercials. Someone needs to fire the idiot in the idea department. LMAO

  2. vghjk says:

    If you looked up Jimmy Bond I would say the people in the idea department did a great job!

  3. Damon says:

    I cannot stand this obnoxious commercial. Gold bond is amazing, but I feel buying the product supports this cocky eyebrow raising dildo and raspy voiced “Jimmy Booooond” b.s. that is shoved in my face everytime I try to watch a good television show. I literally turn the channel to avoid supporting any network playing this commercial. BUT…it isn’t as bad as the new redneck Lipton commercials. Just when Jimmy Bond was the worst, Lipton took it to a whole new level of suck.

  4. adamschramm says:

    I just wish someone would explain who the hell this guy is. He’s like the Popeye’s chick who just appeared out of nowhere and expects us to believe she owns the company. Who is this guy and why should we care that he likes our great grandparents’ foot powder?

  5. jimmybondfan says:

    Jimmy Bond is HOTT!

  6. boozemun says:

    I assumed he was a sports figure since I don’t pay attention to sports at all, he’s not?

  7. johann says:

    you people are idiots. this is the best commercial on tv. funny. i love to hear “this stuff works.” it’s so stupid. it’s great.

  8. McCoy says:

    I super like it….. zoom-in…zoom-out….THIS STUFF WORKS!!!

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