That Stupid Pepsi Next Ad With The Baby

In the last post, I wrote about a Pepsi Max commercial/short film starring NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving. It was good stuff that kept you interested even if the twist wasn’t completely unexpected. But this Pepsi Next ad just sucks. Oh look, the clueless husband and wife are SO BLOWN AWAY by Pepsi Next that they ignore their CGI baby doing crazy things. They even need their camera because they are really dumb…much like the mouth-breathing audience that this spot will probably appeal to. This is a commercial that makes people hate commercials.

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9 Responses to That Stupid Pepsi Next Ad With The Baby

  1. stefanbc says:

    Pair this with one of the pro-HFCS commercials and I think future generations will understand what killed our civilization.

  2. Damon says:

    Agreed stefan…the worst pepsi commercial ever! I’m sure some dementia ridden 90 year old is laughing the shit out of their ass and into their diapers over this one. The rest of the world is closer to suicide after watching it.

  3. Dwayne says:

    no offense guys, but i live in australia and this ad is really just making americans look stupid..i mean how the fuck is it even playing in australia. is this really playing in 2013? wtf dumbest ad ever and australians generally make stupid ads but nothing compared to this rubbish

  4. Bottom Line says:

    ok so imagine that you are in australia and they are showing it on your local tv stations, stupid american accents and all, it gets worse

  5. kdsfi says:

    not drinking pepsi no more

  6. This is Pepsi’s way of bragging about how they use baby parts in their product.

  7. chas minor says:

    I’m surprised and a little disappointed that you didn’t even mention the rather obvious and gratuitous boob shot in the opening frame. Pepsi is stooping low these days…

  8. Hannie says:

    I agreement, I turn The tv to mute when it comes on. Lord knows what they were thinking putting this on air. I expert a lot more from Pepsi, I Dont drink sodas so im not a lost client, but very annoying And overwhelming with so much going on

  9. Derek Rogers says:

    Such an appallingly stupid ad, it’s a good thing the baby wasn’t drowning in the bathtub while those two cretins went crazy over a soft drink.

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