Miller Lite’s Punch Top Can Silliness

Miller Lite has introduced a new “Punch Top Can.” Apparently, it allows for a smoother pour, because pouring canned beer has always been a huge ordeal. Seems like another ridiculous gimmick to me. And also, it’s reminiscent of shotgunning.

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4 Responses to Miller Lite’s Punch Top Can Silliness

  1. Ben says:

    seems like theyr targeting the collage drinker or @ least the inexperienced drinker, almost like theyr sayin “shot gun it!” in almost a sufisticated way, poor it into a glass? only when its on tap or im drinkin with women, otherwise its in the yard or on the couch out of a can or a bottle.

  2. Christine says:

    I agree! Very stupid to put a dirty key into your can of beer. I am 30 ish and think this is stupid!
    I didn’t have a problem before….thinking of switching brands!!

  3. chuck says:

    Your punch top can is extremely to hard to punch. Love the beer but i broke 2 knives and one house key before i got home. Please help…

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