ESPN: Michael Jordan Is An Average White Guy

Sharing a name with a famous person seems like a drag. I’m not talking about naming your child after a celebrity…that’s just poor parenting. But sometimes people will have a certain name, and then another person with that name comes to fame. I saw a feature on ESPN a few months ago about average dudes around New England who happened to be named Tom Brady. I have a few experiences with that. I am Josh Weinstein. This Josh Weinstein (who also has a certain resemblance to me) used to be a writer/producer for The Simpsons. Of course, that just led to some good-natured jokes in elementary school about how they liked my episode last night. Then in college, I found out about this fictional Josh Weinstein from Entourage, who was a “pen-stealing fuckface”, and derisively called Josh Weinfuck. That was pretty funny too. But what if your name was Michael Jordan and you turned out to be a bland, probably not athletically gifted, white guy? ESPN and Wieden+Kennedy New York tell us the story. And here’s the scoop from AdFreak.

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31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

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