Subway’s BOGO Causes Accidents

I’ve been doing a lot of fast food posts recently. Anyway, Subway has a deal all April where you can buy a 6 inch sub and get one free, before 9 AM. BEFORE 9 AM! I wonder how many angry people are still gonna want their free subs after 9 AM. People are stupid. It’s also funny seeing people fall off their rollerblades/bikes and crashing their cars because of this shocking deal. But just remember: it’s only good before 9 AM.


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4 Responses to Subway’s BOGO Causes Accidents

  1. markonit says:

    I didn’t get it… I don’t think that many of Subway’s commercial makes ‘sense’ but this one did not have any charm to it at all…

    • Machialli says:

      It’s a good deal and so surprising to those folks that it captivates their mind and draw all bits of attention from the task at hand. are you too short wired to understand that? .. . . ….. got.. enough…. dots… .. … ?

  2. Short answer: There will be thousands of Subway employees who join cults (or go back to college) as a result of this campaign.

  3. Ben says:

    Who the hell is eating subway before 9am? & if a foot long breakfast sandwich is breakfast than what the hell is for lunch? a bogo pizza? idk iv thought about gettin a sandwih from ther one morening & i just dont have the patiants that early to go threw the whole “what kind of bread blah, blah,bla” bs, ya know what im sayin?

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