The Chevy Volt Will Save You A Crapload Of Money, Apparently

She meant boatload. Crap is an underused commercial word…I had to replay this one to make sure I heard it right. Priya is quite cute. But in all seriousness, how much is a “crapload”? Chevy probably needs to advertise the Volt though, because it seems they aren’t selling so good.


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2 Responses to The Chevy Volt Will Save You A Crapload Of Money, Apparently

  1. Prof. Hammel says:

    I’m an educator in the public school system and if I used the term “crap load” in my daily lessons most “normal” people would call me on the carpet for such rude language.

    Shame on you GM for using such a poor choice of wording in the Volt advertisement.

    Hey, why not go all the way and drop the “F” bomb in your next ad?

    If the car is that good it would sell itself.

  2. Sharon says:

    What has happened to American civilization that this is okay to say. It’s pretty sad that we accept this and was she paid for her appearance in this commercial? If so, shame on the agency that produced this ad. I work in journalism and continually am amazed at what is acceptable. I walk down the street or sit at a restaurant or can be anywhere and hear the “f” bomb as part of conversation all the time. How did this commercial get on the air. Shame on whoever did this. No wonder children don’t know right from wrong. When advertisers don’t show any class it’s hard to expect impressionable youth to do the same.

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