Nat Christiana Took A Long Road Trip For Taco Bell

Nat Christiana drove his friends 965 miles to get a Taco Bell taco with a shell made out of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Nat Christiana and his friends should probably get lives. But now Nat Christiana is in a Taco Bell commercial, so he has the last laugh. (3/12 edit: Nat Christiana doesn’t actually appear in this ad, just his name. This is the real video of Nat’s Dorito Locos Taco experience). Nat Christiana approves this commercial.

Here’s a review of the Doritos Locos Taco, a new favorite for Nat Christiana and stoners nationwide. And another review for Doritos Locos Taco Supreme.

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4 Responses to Nat Christiana Took A Long Road Trip For Taco Bell

  1. Mark says:

    … I have to admit that I have my own urges to go back home and get a real Coney dog or 7-layer cake from Mrs. Maddox bakery OR some of the BEST chocolate chip cookies from the Astoria Bakery in Greektown… But I am not so sure I would go crazy for something that a chain put out… something with a unique local flavor… Omaha is a little bland, but I am going to try to see if there is ‘something’ here..!

  2. Scott Blake says:

    and spent a ridiculous amount of money for gas to buy a fast food item that surely isn’t that good…they need to get more than a life, they actually need to get brains.

  3. Looks like a bunch of fruitcakes, giving wet willies and massaging him from behind! Probably after they eat that taco bell crap they gave each each an ATOMIC SITUP with FART POSSUM!

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