This Ridiculously Amazing And Awesome Advertisement For Australia’s Central Institute of Technology

Henry & Aaron create something for Australia’s Central Institute of Technology that you won’t forget. If you’re a fan of the Old Spice commercials starring Terry Crews, you’ll love this.

Powerade: Hanley Ramirez Slams His Critics

It’s almost time for baseball to start again. Miami Marlins infielder Hanley Ramirez is considered one of the best all-around players in the game, but he had a terrible season last year. So in this Spanish language commercial for Powerade (originally seen on Deadspin), Hanley responds to his critics.

What’s That Song? Part XX

Artist: Elvis Presley, Song: “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

An artistically pretty commercial for Axe paired with a classic Elvis song. Although I think I actually like the UB40 version better. And I guess anarchy would result if people dropped everything the instant they saw someone they were attracted to.

Artist: Rusted Root, Song: “Send Me On My Way”

Enterprise has been using “Send Me On My Way” in its campaigns for the last year. That song makes a lot of sense for a rental car company. It’s a tune that most people know, but a lot don’t know what it’s called and even fewer are aware of the artist. A deeply evocative song, it conjures up images of carefree childhood imaginations and adventures…and it’s probably most famous for its use in the movie Matilda.

The Priceline Negotiator Goes Down In A Blaze Of Glory

After 14 years, William Shatner’s Priceline Negotiator character is no more. Here’s his last commercial, plus one with “interviews” from survivors of the accident.

I actually saw the “interviews” spot first and thought it was mean to get rid of him like that. But after seeing what let up to his presumed death, it’s a nice (and memorable) way to go out. Godspeed, Priceline Negotiator. Also…live long and prosper, William Shatner.

Apple’s iPhone 4S Helps On Road Trips Too

For the wanderlusty types who might want to leave cold Boston for Santa Cruz, Siri is with you. Siri will tell you directions, good BBQ spots in KC, whether there’s a rodeo going on in Amarillo, and find a gas station when you’re in the middle o’nowhere. Also, it’ll remind you to take a cross-country road trip again. A fun and adventurous commercial.

Geico Says Popular Middle School Girls Are The Key To Weight Loss

Geico’s “Easier Way To Save” campaign continues. You might lose weight if those popular middle school girls were following you around always saying “Ew. Seriously? So gross.” Of course, you’d probably raise both eyebrows and the suspicions of the authorities. I say that watching every episode of Hoarders would keep your appetite down. And if having the TV on constantly made your electric bill expensive, maybe you could talk to the hamster guy. Geico’s other suggestions for saving money: a home security panther and karaoke dating. Funny spots, as always.

The 3 Suckiest Super Bowl Commercials That Ever Sucked This Year

#3 Bud Light Platinum “Factory”

Is anyone going to buy Bud Light Platinum? It seems like a silly gimmick, but it does have more alcohol than regular Bud Light and that bottle is rather dapper. So the answer is a firm “maybe.” Anyway, this commercial is so incredibly dull.

#2 Pepsi Max “Checkout”

I feel like I’ve seen this one so many times before. Only now, it’s got Regis! Yeah…lame.

#1 Go Daddy “Body Paint”

Here’s the Wikipedia entry for self-fulfilling prophecy. Go Daddy always has the worst Super Bowl commercials, so we expected more of the same. And shockingly, they sucked. Really, I think Go Daddy could somehow make a great commercial and people still wouldn’t like it based on previous experiences.

Dishonorable mention: Most of the commercials being online well before the Super Bowl. I know social media is important, but there’s a certain magic to seeing a brand new commercial for the first time during the Super Bowl and saying “now THAT’S brilliant.” When commercials are online for a whole week, it really lessens that experience.

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